Curve Health

Curve Health was founded in March of 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Timothy Peck, MD, Curve's founder & founding CEO, had previously established Call9, a company dedicated to delivering hospital care into skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) via data analytics, Electronic Health Record integrations and telemedicine.

Call9 cared for tens of thousands of people and cut unnecessary hospital transfers by 50%+ but wasn’t able to receive proper reimbursement due to restrictions in telemedicine payment.

Covid-19 caused Medicare and the Federal Government to realize the life-saving value of solutions like Call9, and to approve reimbursement for services provided remotely. 

Curve Health, which is built on, and expands, the Call9 platform, not only facilitates telemedicine but constitutes a true virtual hospital-level care experience for patients and providers. By bringing the hospital to patients in SNFs, on ambulances, or wherever they may be, Curve is able to improve outcomes, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and improve bottom lines.

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