Job Summary:

Designs and supervises the provision of evidence-based mental health services and programs for clients with autism spectrum disorders and/or similar developmental disabilities in response to the clinical teams’ treatment recommendations in home, school and/or other natural settings.  Provides support and leadership to a team of program supervisors.

Essential Job Functions:

Adheres to CSD’s Commitment to Quality Standards.

Maintain 50-60% productivity with Mid-Level Supervision hours. If percentage in productivity decreases the Regional Director can assign Direct Service hours and/or Assessments to meet productivity expectations.

Provides direct supervision and individualized training to a team of Behavior Specialists by leading staff meetings, developing, coordinating, and providing staff development trainings.

 Assures that the responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities are defined and understood by each assigned Behavior Specialist. Evaluates performance of direct reports and monitors their productivity. 

Meet at least once a month with Behavior Specialists to conduct staff meetings. During staff meetings reviews treatment plan, provides feedback or training to address clinical or administrative concerns.  Address any concerns that might impact the validity and success of the client’s ABA program.

Ensure the submission of monthly session plans by Behaviors Specialists. Maintain a monthly log of lesson plans submitted by Behavior Specialists.

Monitors daily direct service appointments for completion; i.e. rendering and accurate notes.  This includes, monitoring Behavior Specialist and family cancellations, as well as following up with staff to schedule make-up sessions.

 Maintains appropriate progress notes for supervision hours and inputs MLS supervision hours on CSD’s billing program.

Conducts regular home visits for the assigned caseload in order to provide individualized parent education; supervise the implementation of the program, monitor the completion of all necessary documentation and to provide in-field training to each direct report. Responsible for educating families on the importance of maintaining a consistent schedule with number of hours that are clinically appropriate for the client. Additionally, is responsible for efficiently and effectively communicating CSD’s policies to families.  

Home visits need to be conducted every 2 weeks and weekly for new clients and for clients with a high volume of Mid-level Supervision hours.

Completes necessary documentation including treatment plans, data sheets, behavioral support plans, progress reports and discharge reports, and keeps updated with other site-related documents. Reports need to be submitted to the insurance companies’ by the deadline; each insurance company will have it’s own deadlines. Deadlines are available on the policies CSD has created for each insurance company. It is the employee’s responsibility to be become familiarized with these policies and deadlines. All reports, need to be submitted to the Clinical Director for approval 10 days before they are submitted to insurance companies for approval and signature.

Maintain regular communication with Human Resources and the Regional Director regarding administrative concerns involving clients, Behavior Specialists, and/or Clinical Directors.

Meet at least once a month with families to conduct team meetings. During every team meeting, the Program Supervisor needs review the current treatment plan, progress, family cancellations, and address clinical concerns.

Provides support to Program Supervisors/Coordinators by developing, coordinating, and providing trainings regarding administrative and managerial duties (e.g. performance reviews and disciplinary action). The Regional Director can assign other trainings to be conducted by the Lead Program Supervisor. Trainings include, but are not limited to: educating staff and families about CSD’s policies; closely monitoring the completion of session rendering and inputting notes on billing system; maintaining appropriate client files; time management skills to ensure that all deadlines are met; understanding duties and responsibilities; communicating with the appropriate departments and using new software systems.

Conducts monthly reviews of client files to ensure that all documentation is appropriately filed. Communicates findings to colleague and Regional Director. 

With the collaboration of the Regional Director coordinates the completion of timely performance reviews for Behavioral Specialist by their supervisors. Reviews for Behavioral Specialists are to be completed after 3 months of employment and after 6 months or 1 year depending on the need.

Conducts interview for clinical candidates and makes hiring recommendations to senior management.

In collaboration with the Regional Directors, implements CSD’s cancelation policies for families and staff in order to minimize cancellations by holding coaching groups with supervisors and Behavioral Specialists and by closely monitoring the rate of cancelations by Behavioral Specialists.

Remains current regarding new research, current trends and developments related to autism, special

education, and related fields.

 Performs other duties as assigned.  Attends staff meetings, in-services, trainings and other meetings as requested.

Positions Supervised (Direct Reports):

  • Behavior Specialists.

Minimum Education or Training Equivalent to:

  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the following disciplines: psychology, childhood development, childhood education, special education, pediatric therapy (physical, occupational, or speech therapy), or related field.

Minimum Years of Additional Related Experience:

  • Two years of related professional experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders and/or other related developmental disabilities in a multi-disciplinary team setting.

Special Qualifications (Skills, Abilities, Licenses):

  • Knowledgeable of methodologies found to benefit children with autism spectrum disorders, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (“ABA”), Early Start Denver Model (“ESDM”), Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-Handicapped Children (“TEACCH”), Picture Exchange Communication System (“PECS”), and Pivotal Response Training (“PRT”).
  • Knowledgeable of other community resources and agencies that serve children.
  • Sensitive to working with an ethnically, linguistically, culturally, and economically diverse population.
  • Able to travel to and work in multiple program service areas; reliable transportation needed (proof of valid driver license, current auto insurance identification card, and acceptable driving record per NIAC standards is required).
  • Able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; bilingual ability preferred.
  • Able to consistently demonstrate good judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Able to exercise confidentiality and discretion pertaining to the work environment.
  • Able to appropriately interpret and implement policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in computer/word processing software.
  • Able to obtain criminal record clearance through Department of Justice.

Physical Requirements (Approximate Percent per 7.5-hour Workday):

  • Frequent bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling, twisting in order to observe, assess, and interact with infants/toddlers (50%).
  • Frequent speaking and listening (50%) to clients, staff, and other professionals in meetings and on the phone.
  • Occasional walking to, bending to enter, sitting, and using upper and lower limbs to drive car to and from home visits and meetings (20%).
  • Occasional sitting and maintaining close visual attention to write reports and work at the computer (15%).
  • Occasional lifting, carrying, and loading/unloading toys and materials used in home visits (10%).



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