Crooked Media is looking for a producer for a new limited series podcast. The ideal candidate must have experience producing both docuseries and interview podcasts, as well as reporting and research.

This position requires a 40 hour time commitment a week. The producer’s schedule is subject to the production calendar mutually decided by production staff and the Crooked team. The ideal candidate is a team player who enjoys a deadline driven environment.


Duties include:

  • Working with Crooked team, EP, host, and sound designer to establish show tone and deliver episodes
  • Maintaining production schedule – keeps the team on track and on time
  • Booking guests and writing show scripts (with EP and host)
  • Overseeing audio quality, field production, interviews, and a small production team
  • Touch base with Crooked team weekly, keep up to date with creative notes schedule as well as other deadlines


Candidate must have:

  • 3-5 years experience in radio or podcast production
  • Prior experience leading production teams
  • Ability to manage several projects at once
  • Sufficient Pro Tools skills to complete rough assemblies and communicate effectively with Sound Designer to deliver final episodes
  • Crisp writing skills and a biting sense of humor

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