Crooked Media is looking for an audio engineer to record, assemble, and mix a new limited series podcast.

This position is part time. The engineer’s hours are subject to the production schedule mutually decided by production staff and the Crooked creative team.

The ideal candidate is a team player with a collaborative sensibility and creative ear.


Duties include:

  • Designing the soundscape for the series
  • Working with the composer’s original tracks to create tone
  • Ensuring that all episode drafts sound smooth in terms of volume, transitions, music, and effects
  • Editing rough cuts, assembling clips, and sound designing episodes on deadline
  • Completing final mix and master, including fixing plosives, de-essing, mastering volume levels, smoothing transitions, and exporting final files for distribution
  • Resolving technical issues when they arise
  • Exporting final files for distribution

Candidate must have:

    • 3+ years experience with sound editing and recording equipment
    • Technical expertise in sound engineering techniques
    • Expertise in ProTools and a working knowledge of other recording software and hardware
    • Creativity in audio production
    • Expertise in mixing multitrack sessions
    • A team player with excellent communication skills
    • A self-motivated, proactive, accountable attitude

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