About CredSimple

CredSimple is a New York-based startup laser-focused on improving healthcare infrastructure with revolutionary technology. Instead of conducting a series of manual steps built on tedious data-entry, our platform automates the credentialing process and streamlines it from a three-month period to a matter of days. We’re in it to have a profound, long-term impact and fundamentally change the way this critical part of the U.S. healthcare system works.

We are looking for an experienced Director of Implementation, Support & Training. You’ll join a talented and passionate team who enjoys working with our clients, solving tough problems and improving the healthcare industry. We believe in supporting both personal and professional growth. That means we pay attention to goals, celebrate milestones, and highly encourage learning.

Core competencies for all CredSimple staff

  1. Works hard and smart – Delivers value consistently by being inquisitive, having a high degree of accountability and working with intent.
  2. Driven – Fueled by passion and commitment, showing tenacity to overcome obstacles.
  3. Outcomes oriented – Dedicated to results. Track record of improving performance.
  4. Effective communication – Speaks and writes clearly and directly with appropriate level of detail to communicate an idea. Happy to embrace the ideas of others if they improve on your own. Understands that clarity is measured at the recipient's ear, not the speaker’s mouth.
  5. Teamwork – Work across team lines to value others’ contributions and support each other and drive everyone forward. #OneTeam


Your Mission

Own the delivery of implementation, support, and training in order to drive an excellent client experience through expertly delivered services, support and product knowledge.

Your Outcomes

  1. Ownership of on-boarding and implementation
    1. Continue to enhance the on-boarding and implementation process, including aligning and scaling on-boarding needs for each client segment
    2. Determine ownership of client implementation - separate team or with CSMs
  2. Develop product support as a key competitive advantage
    1. Reorient the support function to create leverage for the client, client success managers, and sales teams
      1. Concept: Support as a competitive advantage relies on high enthusiasm and highly knowledgeable teams working together to solve client problems quickly and elegantly
    2. Develop standard metrics for support to measure and report on regularly
    3. Ensure every CSM has insight into the current status of their customers and issues his/her customers are facing in support; e.g. access to a snapshot of open issues for each client at given time in SalesForce
  3. Develop training content that will be leveraged via web or in-person for on-boarding, implementation, supporting clients, and marketing
    1. Refresh and enhance training content available on the platform
    2. Top 5 questions asked via support -> create high-quality training videos
    3. Create unique training plans for each client segment
    4. Evolve training content as client feedback and needs change
  4. Create a comprehensive client feedback loop across the organization that shares client feedback/challenges/successes that will help:
    1. Inform the product roadmap
    2. Enhance Operations and Support areas of focus and development
    3. Creates empathy among employees outside of CS for the client experience

Your Competencies

  1. Client-centric mindset — focuses on putting the client’s needs first when making decisions and balancing with the needs of employees. All programs implemented and managed are designed to ensure we are meeting the client’s business objectives, increasing product adoption and creating a true partnership.
  2. Scalability mindset — understands the importance of developing processes and methodologies that are scalable and repeatable so we are able to run as efficiently as possible.
  3. Expert communicator — has the ability to communicate up to leadership and communicate the right level of detail to the individual contributors. Connects well with clients and can adjust to the client’s needs with ease and flexibility.
  4. Detail oriented - digs into the weeds with the individuals on the team to ensure the right processes and programs are being established and implemented. Closely monitors and evaluates the processes and programs in place to ensure they are driving client success, adoption and value. Can quickly pivot or implement changes to adapt to evolving client needs.
  5. Team Leadership - has experience managing individuals in support, implementation and/or training. Can serve as a mentor for junior team members and help them grow their careers at CredSimple.

About the role

  • This person will ultimately be responsible for the support, implementation and training teams and will help build and evolve these teams as CredSimple continues to grow
  • The Director will report into the VP of Client Success
  • Ideally located in NYC but open to a remote position with a willingness to travel
  • The ideal candidate will have a background in Healthcare IT, SaaS startups where he/she worked on either the support, implementation and/or training team

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