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We are a technology company constantly thinking about how innovative ideas can be used in favor of people. Always from people for people.

Why become part of our team?

Every company knows what they do, but few know why they really exist.

Creditas’ mission is well-defined: to enable what fulfills people by unleashing the potential of their assets.

At the moment, we work with home equity, auto equity, private payroll-deducted personal loans, and vehicle financing. And we’re always researching innovative ways to help people reach new heights.

Limits isn’t a word we like. It’s our culture to go further, think differently, educate people, and grow exponentially.

We’re a technology company focused on people. And that’s what we’ll always be. If you also have this energy, come chat with us.


Technology to improve everyone's experience

We brought innovation to the loan market in Brazil focusing on technology and people. And we are proud of that.

Talented people created our platform which uses open source technology and follows the agile philosophy. In this way, we not only scaled the business, but also improved the experience of our customers. 


The more diversity, the more truth

At Creditas, everybody has the freedom to give their opinion. Everybody!
Diversity is not treated as out of the ordinary, it is our day-to-day.
It's natural. Never natural selection.
And about you. It's about time. It's about people. Always.


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