Create is a venture studio backed by 20 of New York City’s most successful founders (GLG, SLT, Moat, Dia&Co, Crunch, Manhattan Mini Storage and more). Create rigorously ideates, tests, refines, and launches new businesses.


The Role: 

The Create team has conducted diligence on a wide range of industries and verticals with the goal of uncovering promising areas in which we can build a business. We have identified HR Tech (i.e. recruiting, performance, culture, human capital, etc.) and the Future of Work as a large opportunity and are now looking to bring on an Entrepreneur in Residence to work alongside our team to build a business in that space. 

Over a five month period, you will be responsible for researching, proposing, and preparing a game plan for launching a Newco within the HR Tech and Future of Work space. With our support, you will conduct industry deep dives, early market development, research, and fine tune a particular thesis and business model. Once we collectively agree upon an idea to pursue and a thesis, we will provide seed funding and will support you as you grow your business. 





  • Conduct rigorous research to uncover pain points or opportunities in HR Tech and Future of Work
  • Develop, refine and execute various tests to determine the attractiveness of Newco concepts



  • Determine a clear business model and lead development of company vision
  • Obtain buy-in from Create team and membership regarding thesis 
  • Construct relevant MVPs to test and address opportunity from multiple angles
  • Develop a comprehensive growth strategy for Newco 



  • Define go-to-market strategy and product roadmap 
  • Build and continuously iterate on product 
  • Attract and recruit your founding team  



  • Support in the ownership of P&L and cash flow, and manage burn
  • Develop OKRs and metrics  
  • Secure initial customers 
  • Create a sales playbook that a team can replicate
  • Secure funding from Create membership


About you:

  • Proven ability to perform deep diligence and user research on companies and new products
  • Past success finding product market fit through user testing 
  • Past success designing, testing, building and growing a new product
  • Experience running a business or business unit, and managing a sizeable budget
  • You’ve recruited and retained a hard working, dedicated team
  • Data-oriented, with an eye for analytics and data-driven decision making
  • Maniacal attention to detail with optimal organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize competing priorities
  • An authentic interest in HR Tech or the Future of Work


This is a full-time contract position.

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