Job Description :: Associate Director, Comms Strategy


Department ::

  • Communications Strategy + Media


Reports To ::

  • Group Director, Comms Strategy


A Little About Us ::

At CPB we’re on a mission - to solve the world’s toughest communications challenges with the most quantifiably potent creative assets.


But in this fragmented, bot-riddled, dark-web, fake news, data-rich, attention-poor media world, breaking through and getting noticed is harder than ever. Yesterday’s playbook is already too outdated for today, let alone tomorrow.


That’s why we’ve created our Comms Strategy group - to be the team of hybrid brand strategist and media experts that define the most quantifiably potent brand connections of the future. We live to hack media formats, bring observable real-world insights to our creative process, create pioneering experiments that unlock unconventional intelligence, and challenge conventional media wisdom to create breakthrough brand experiences.


Sound confusing? Correct. We don’t really know where we fit in. Are we media? Kinda. Are we strategy? Kinda that too. Are we creatives? We can be. We’re basically marketing misfits that thrive on operating in those undefined middle grounds. And we need number-crunching, creatively-minded, media and brand-building experts to join our crew.


Position Overview ::

The Associate Director, Comms Strategy will serve as the client team lead in delivering consumer insights to inspire thoughtful creative, defining communications tasks for media and message based on client objectives, and developing the campaign go-to-market plan.


Key Duties & Responsibilities ::

  • Collaborate with brand strategists, media planners and creative teams to create holistic messaging and media strategies and executions.
  • Be the expert on and voice of the consumer. Leverage 1st and 3rd party data to understand and articulate the consumer journey for a given project and identify and prioritize media and messaging areas of opportunity to drive desired behaviors.
  • Be the team lead on media channels and user expectations, not only existing media platforms, but also emerging technology. Push teams to think differently about how to leverage them and exploit ways to hack the channel.
  • Use data and insight to inspire creativity. Contribute to the creative process by providing compelling and inspiring channel and consumer insights, past performance analysis, online listening and cultural trends. Tools to be leveraged could include but are not limited to: MRI/Simmons, Netbase, Brand Effect studies, Hypr, etc.
  • Create and optimize campaign structure. Collaborate with creative teams to identify channel priorities and develop campaign roll out plans to ensure media and message are aligned and campaign activities capitalize on cultural calendars.
  • Identify opportunities and methods for creating real-world experiments. Understand and implement programmatic and self-serve media platforms to help uncover real consumer behavior “in the wild” and predict the potential efficacy of ideas in accordance with our Gut+ philosophy (read more on Gut+ here)
  • Be the master of measurement. Have a deep understanding of client objectives and KPIs, and translate into actionable comms tasks to inspire effective, on-brief creative ideas and executions.
  • Help define and prove the value of Comms Strategy. Actively contribute as a member of the team’s senior leadership group to help chart the course to achieving our team vision, design and implement new process, optimize our toolset and improve our effectiveness.
  • Manage and mentor junior team members. Develop our rising stars with goal-based leadership, empowering coaching, and consistent thought leadership.


Who We’re Looking For ::

  • A strategist well versed in media. Or a media expert well versed in strategy. We need a Comms Planner who understands the modern media landscape, that can uncover meaningful consumer insights from traditional tools and non-traditional experiments, and can define how powerful creative ideas should go to market
  • A deep-diving research pro. Someone well trained in using syndicated data tools like Simmons, MRI, Affinio and Netbase, with a desire to develop and implement new proprietary tools. We need someone who can think big picture about even the most minute details when it comes to understanding how consumers act, and that thrives on finding that magic insight.
  • A radical collaborator. The kind of person that’s more comfortable in a creative brainstorm than sitting in an office. We need this person to become one with our Strategy, Creative and Comms Strategy groups, and serve as the quarterback helping to drive the work forward.
  • An entrepreneur. We’re on a journey to reinvent how advertising gets made, and this role will be at the helm steering the ship. We need someone who wants to continually be learning, re-thinking process, creating new tools and challenging the status quo. We need someone completely unafraid of change and ready to excel in ambiguity.
  • A storyteller. We’re only as good as our ability to articulate our thinking. We need someone with badass written and verbal communication skills, with the writing chops to craft a powerful narrative and presentation skills to bring the house down in a big meeting.

Qualification Requirements ::

  • 7+ years of relevant experience working with brands and media - brand strategy, media planning, social media, research and analytics.
  • Experience working on large brands, with nuanced and complex strategies.
  • Working knowledge of all communication touchpoints (traditional, digital, PR, social, experiential, retail, DTC, etc).
  • Proficiency in research and planning tools (MRI, Simmons, Resonate, Mintel, NetBase, etc).
  • Proficiency in programmatic and self-serve media platforms is a plus (Google AdWords, Facebook, DSPs).
  • General understanding of digital measurement and attribution (Google Analytics, Sales Force, Adobe Analytics, etc).
  • Open to travel as necessary.
  • Must work in Boulder office.
  • An insatiable curiosity for what makes consumers think and act, an unwavering desire to break the status quo, and a fear of sitting still.

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