Coupang is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the planet. Our vision is to create a world in which Customers ask “How did I ever live without Coupang?” We are looking for passionate builders to help us get there. Powered by world-class technology and operations, we have set out to transform the end-to-end Customer experience -- from revolutionizing last-mile delivery to rethinking how Customers search and discover on a truly mobile-first platform. We have been named one of the “50 Smartest Companies in the World” by MIT Technology Review and “30 Global Game Changers” by Forbes.


Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley.


The Product Discovery Team (previously called Recommendation Team) owns Coupang’s product recommendation, personalized gateway and product review quality for eCommerce. Our goal is to help the customers find the products they need by making this discovery happens across multiple surface. To achieve our goals we are  continuously improving our highly scalable recommendation platform to support the fast growing business and customer needs.


About the role:
As a Ranking Engineer in the Product Discovery Team you will be able to improve the customer experience by ameliorating any stage of the recommendation journey, from the moment the logs are sent from the user device until our algorithms determine what to display and are served through our API. This encompass extracting features from the quantity of logs available, improve the quality of the candidate generation algorithm, increase the accuracy of the CTR/CVR models, makes our ranking framework more flexible for different use case, etc.


Who we are looking for :

• BS/MS/PHD with 2-3+ years experience working with large-scale, complex datasets to extract robust features and create reliable machine learning models
• Track record of diving into data to discover hidden patterns and solving problems with data science
• Fast paced self-learner with proven record of launching successful features and improving business metrics
• Write robust and efficient code using Java with unit and integration tests.
• Understand production environment, continuous build, monitoring and alerting
• Able to dive deep to debug and resolve usual production issues.
• Help design and improve the Recommendation serving architecture
• Solid interpersonal skills to be effective in a team environment


Preferred Skills:
• Industrial experience working with online serving system working at scale
• Theoretical understanding and hands-on experience with different Recommender systems


Recruitment Process and Others 

  • Recruitment Process 
  1. Application Review - Phone Interview - Onsite (or Virtual Onsite) Interview – Offer 
  2. The exact nature of the recruitment process may vary according to the specific job, and may be changed due to scheduling or other circumstances. 
  3. Interview schedules and the results will be informed to the applicant via the e-mail address submitted at the application stage. 
  • Things to Consider 
  1. This job posting may be closed prior to the stated end date for application if all openings are filled.    
  2. Coupang has the right to rescind an offer of employment if a candidate is found to have submitted false information as part of the application process.    
  3. Coupang does not discriminate against disabled applicants or those with veteran status. We are proud to offer equal opportunities for all applicants. 
  • Privacy Notice 
  1. Your personal information will be collected and managed by Coupang as stated in the Application Privacy Notice located HERE. 
  • Document Return Policy (Korea ONLY) 
  1. This notification is given pursuant to Article 11 (6) of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.  
  2. A job applicant, who has applied but not been finally selected for a position at Coupang (the “Company”), may request the Company to return his/her hiring documents submitted pursuant to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.  However, this will not apply where the hiring documents were submitted via the website of the Company or e-mail, or where the job applicant submitted those documents voluntarily without a request from the Company.  In addition, if the hiring documents were destroyed due to a natural disaster or any other reasons not attributable to the Company, such documents will be deemed to have been returned to the job applicant. 
  3. A job applicant who wishes to request the return of his/her hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above should fill out a “Request for Return of Hiring Documents” [Annex Form No. 3 in the Enforcement Rule of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act] and submit the request to the Company by email ( In such case, within fourteen (14) days from the date of identifying the receipt of the request, the Company will send the hiring documents to the job applicant’s designated address via registered mail.  Please be informed that the job applicant is required to pay the postage on the registered mail. 
  4. In preparation for a job applicant’s request for the return of hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above, the Company shall retain the original hiring documents submitted by the job applicant for 180 days from the completion of the recruiting process.  If no request is made until the end of this period, all of his/her hiring documents will be destroyed immediately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. 

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