We are one of the fastest growing, most innovative companies in the world. Powered by an outstanding end-to-end e-commerce and logistics network, we are the 5th largest US tech IPO of all time with a fanatical culture of customer centricity, and a track record of world leading innovation.


Coupang has broken traditional e-commerce tradeoffs, bringing customers lightning-fast delivery on millions of items at the lowest prices. With offices around the world including the US, China and Korea, Coupang is where talented entrepreneurs can seize new opportunities and take the initiative.


Now for the first time in Japan, Coupang is hiring for our launch team.


Director of Operations

Coupang is looking for a Senior Operations leader with a passion for global e-commerce and building businesses from the ground up. This role will play a pivotal role in the success and evolution of our business in Japan.

This leadership role will oversee operations functions, responsible for FC management, replenishment, inventory health, forecasting and supply chain optimization. You will own day to day operations of retail e-commerce, and the business relationships with key suppliers from manufacturing to destination fulfillment center delivery.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Optimize product availability while effectively balancing inventory.
  • Work with Logistics partners to leverage their freight and warehousing network to optimize costs and inventory risks within the supply chain
  • Identify bottlenecks and drive operational efficiencies
  • Implement system/process improvements with internal stakeholders, suppliers and logistics providers
  • Drive metrics to improve efficiency, implementing the necessary changes within your teams.
  • Working with Business Managers to evaluate new product opportunities, relating to inventory and operational risk and considerations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field (E.g. Industrial engineering, operations research, business etc.)
  • 10+ years of experience in operations
  • Strong track record of building operations teams in high growth environments
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to find creative ways to overcome obstacles
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in a highly innovative and fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work at all levels, from diving deep into day-to-day defects to writing and presenting strategy documents
  • Excellent knowledge of Japanese market
  • English language skills are not required





Coupangは、世界で急速に成長している革新的な企業のひとつです。 Coupangはお客様の、どのような規模の問題も解決できる、インパクトのある起業家的リーダーを生み出しています。卓越したエンド・ツー・エンドのeコマースと物流ネットワークを持つ当社は、上場を果たした米国技術系企業の中で第5位の規模を誇り、非常に熱心な顧客ファーストの理念と、世界をリードするイノベーションの実績を持ち合わせています。





Coupangは、国際eコマースに情熱を注ぎ、一から事業を構築するシニアオペレーションズリーダーを探しています。 このポジションは、日本における事業の成功と発展において重要な役割を果たします。
このリーダーの役割は、FC管理、補充、在庫管理、フォーキャスト(見込み)、サプライチェーン最適化を担当するオペレーション機能を管理します。 小売eコ-マースの日常的な運営、製造から目的地近辺のフルフィルメントセンター(物流拠点)への配送に至る主要サプライヤーとのビジネス関係を構築していただきます。





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