Coupang is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the planet. We are on a mission to revolutionize everyday lives for our customers, employees and partners. We solve problems no one has solved before to create a world where people ask, “How did we ever live without Coupang?”  

Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. 


­­­Job Overview:

As director in Search engineering team, you will have the opportunity to work with world-class Search Engineers who have been worked for Google, Amazon, Pinterest, etc. You will define challenging problems to improve search quality, increase conversion rate based on better understanding of cusomer intention. We are desired to provide customer a friction-less search engine and help customer to find useful products. Your ideas and experience would help us achieve the goal.


Job Responsibilities:

  1. As engineering culture influencer to build and develop search team with engineering excellence culture, ranking engineering culture, to improve search quality and conversion.
  2. Understands complex architecture details of platform service involving one or more teams, makes correct decisions with right trade-off
  3. Define search team strategy and roadmap according to company level strategy alignment.
  4. Drive search problem solving with collaboration with stakehoders including business team, seller, catalog, infra, GO team etc.
  5. Drive the success of critical objectives and make essential improvement with efficiency.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related majors
  2. 10+ years software development and management experience, 5+ years search experience.
  3. Strong data-driven thinking, find problem and solution based on in-depth data analysis.
  4. Experience on big data platform and parallel computation, like Hadoop/ Spark ecosystem etc
  5. Exert technical influence across domains, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience.
  6. Good communication both verbal and written



  1. Hands on experience with Search Infrastructure, Search Ranking, Recommendation or Ads Systems
  2. Strong knowledge/ experience of ML in search domain.
  3. Fluent in English


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