Overview and responsibilities

Coupang is building out its video commerce team. As a key leader in this rapidly growing business, this person will build a top performing team to ensure quality control of video content at scale, as well as other operational requirements (e.g., creator approval process, live stream scheduling, etc.).

He or she will be responsible for bringing operational rigor and process to scaled operational tasks of our video commerce efforts. In addition, this person will be responsible for developing creative policy, tracking adherence to the policy, and ensuring videos streamed and posted comply with the policy. To achieve the objective of creating a safe and compelling video environment this person will build a team of professionals that monitor, report, and improve video content quality to ensure it adheres to our guidelines. This person must be excellent at using a systematic approach to scale content quality control. The role also requires strong attention to detail and have command of creating and managing large teams that successfully execute against input and output metrics.


Key Objectives


1) Build and lead a content quality control operations team to ensure videos created comply with our creative policies and deliver ideal customer experiences.


  • Build a high performing team of quality control professionals that will monitor and review video streams and execute against input metrics.
  • Work cross-functionally with internal teams focused on video creator development, legal, product ownership, and more.
  • Drive, measure & analyze performance against key quality metrics.
  • Provide strong mentoring and coaching to direct reports and operations team members
  • Elevate skill sets and develop bench strength in the organization.
  • Determine short and long-range video commerce operations plans across categories.
  • Create and implement operations programs and tools that increase performance across the operations team.


2) Develop systems to enable scale of quality control efforts


  • Identify system requirements that will improve performance of quality control team.
  • Collaborate with internal teams including product owners, legal, and more to ensure system requirements are developed and delivered as needed to scale operations.
  • Use data to inform system needs and prioritize system requirements.


3) Build and enable operational processes required to scale video commerce


  • Identify and define processes required to scale the business.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to define roles and responsibilities for operational processes.
  • Define metrics to measure the efficacy of internal processes and lead teams to improve metrics that improve the business.
  • Find ways to improve efficiency, consumer, and constituent experiences by using systems and scaled approaches.


Ideal Candidate Profile


The ideal candidate is an experienced operations leader in the influencer, creator, and video marketplaces or partner or customer support operations with a reputation for hiring and developing the best talent. He or she will have a track record of success at delivering results, partnering cross functions, and representing quality control operations needs to the product organization. They will be an exceptionally strong analytical thinker who likely hails from a leading online firm or technology-enabled organization with experience in video.



Basic Qualifications:

Educated to degree level, preferably in a technical or analytical discipline

Preferred Qualifications:

Advanced business degree or MBA

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