As a member of the Finance Project Management team, you will be working closely with the CFO and other leaders of the Finance department in a fast pace environment. The Finance Project Management team’s role is to assist the Finance department throughout its transformation journey to build a state-of-the-art department that can efficiently support the business growth and the company’s long-term vision.


Roles & responsibilities include:

  • Lead and/or support project teams engaged in the successful delivery of Financial Transformation projects aligning finance with business strategy in support of the broader organization’s future vision.
  • Work closely with Finance leadership team including the CFO and helping in preparing presentations and material for regular leadership updates.
  • Actively contribute in the ideation and leading of initiatives aiming at supporting the Finance department while leveraging innovation and creativity.
  • Manage external parties such as consultants or IT vendors/integrators and ensure the proper delivery of their assigned projects.


Qualification & skills:

  • Finance focused with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in finance project management and/or strategic consulting.
  • Good understanding of the finance function, operating models, systems and processes.
  • Experience in leading projects involving various stakeholders and potentially external vendors/consultants.
  • Experience with Finance systems and ERP technology understanding (e.g. SAP, Metapay, etc…) is a clear plus.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Effective, clear, and concise communication skills, verbal and written. Experience communicating with senior leaders and cross-functional teams alike.
  • Excellent PowerPoint & Excel skills.
  • Fluent in Korean and English

Recruitment Process and Others

1. Recruitment Process: Application Review - Phone Interview - Onsite Interview - Offer  
(The recruitment process may be different depending on the job and may be changed due to scheduling and circumstances.)
2. Others:
a. This job post may be closed early if all openings are filled.   
b. If there is any false information in the application, the offer may be cancelled.
c. Veteran status or disability will not result in any disadvantages in the recruitment process.
d. Interview schedules and the results will be informed to the applicant via the e-mail address submitted at the application stage.


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  3. 본 고지는 『채용절차의 공정화에 관한 법률』 제11조 제6항에 따른 것입니다.

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