Coupang is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the planet. We are on a mission to revolutionize everyday lives for our customers, employees and partners. We solve problems no one has solved before to create a world where people ask, “How did we ever live without Coupang?” Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. 


Director of Pricing Operation


Key Responsibilities:

  • Devise various strategies and build an optimized process to provide customers with the best price experience in the fast-changing eCommerce market.
  • Assist our continuously growing business accomplishments by identifying internal/external price trends, analyzing the causes behind such trends, and reporting the outcomes.
  • Streamline the operation through process and system automation, encourage colleagues to pursue growth and cultivate experts as a leader, and manage the overall organization.
  • Establish a strategy of price comparison management to win the lowest price exposure in Naver



  • 10 years of experience in pricing-related strategies/planning/operations
  • Experience in the eCommerce market, with a full understanding of the business ecosystem
  • Experience with managing a system tool related to pricing and contributing to business by building an automation process
  • Ability to provide a long-term, integrated strategy direction through data analysis
  • Ability to convince sellers to maintain the lowest price in the market
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team members and those in charge of relevant businesses



  • Experience with devising and operating a pricing strategy in the offline market, open market, and social commerce
  • Experience with playing a managerial role or managing 30+ team members

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