[About Coupang Fulfillment Services (CFS)]
Coupang Fulfillment Services(이하 CFS)는 쿠팡의 물류를 총괄하는 쿠팡의 계열사입니다. CFS는 물류센터(Fulfillment Center, 이하 FC) 운영을 책임지고 있으며, 업무효율성과 전문성 제고를 통해 글로벌 이커머스 기업으로 성장하기 위한 혁신을 이끌어 가고 있습니다. CFS는 현재 3개의 메가물류센터(인천,덕평, 대구)를 비롯하여 현재 총 20여개의 FC를 운영하고 있습니다.
[About Fulfillment Center (FC)]
Fulfillment Center(이하 FC)는 쿠팡의 물류센터를 말하는 것으로 상품의 입고, 적재, 포장, 출고를 담당하는 곳입니다. FC는 단순한 물류 창고가 아닌, 첨단 기술이 집약된 하나의 Automation Factory로서, 제조업 생산 공장과 같이 각각의 업무를 전문화하고, 입고부터 출고까지 데이터를 기반으로 시공간을 효율적으로 관리하여 낭비를 최소화 하는 등 최적의 물류 시스템을 구현해 나가고 있습니다.
1. Mission:
  • Sr Specialist, leading tax functions and daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly taxes filing/review/reporting
  • supporting and collecting the information for the company wide level of consolidated corporate tax report. Collecting data and preparing internal report.
  • As well, the tax specialist should share unique tax risk based on tax audit and review process.


2. Competencies:

  • Dive Deep
  • Think Systematically
  • Deliver Results with Grit


3. Responsibilities:

  • In charge of executing monthly/quarterly/annual tax filing, reporting tax packages, managing overall tax function including withholding and income tax.
  • Optimize tax filing process and improve tax audit functions
  • Review policies and systems to enhance tax compliance and filing


4. Requirements:

  • Strong tax reviewing experience including tax audit, tax filing, and networking with tax authorities
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to simplify complex issues into understandable and actionable steps
  • Teamwork and leadership skills with the ability to supervise, mentor, and build team while effectively challenging and effecting change within the organization
  • Organizational skills and ability to lead projects, managing multiple parties, tight timetables, and multiple deliverables
  • Computer skills and excellence in Excel
  • Minimum 7 years working experience 


5. Bonus Skills: :

  • SAP experience preferred
  • CPA preferred
  • Previous experience in e-Commerce


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