Senior Principal Engineer – Product Engineering

Coupang 是全球最大也是发展速度最快的电商平台之一。其使命是让顾客无法想象“如果离开了Coupang该如何生活?”为了创造这个新世界,我们正在寻找满怀热情共同实现这一追求的人才。助力于世界尖端技术和运营体系,我们正致力于彻底改变顾客的点对点终端体验,从引进革命性的最后一公里配送,到潜心探索如何在一个以移动端为核心的平台上优化顾客的商品检索及发现。Coupang被《麻省理工科技评论》评选为“全球50家最智能科技公司”之一,并入选《福布斯》“30大改变世界格局者“。




Product Engineering负责构建面向客户的Coupang产品,我们负责10多个关键任务应用程序,每天处理数百万个客户交易,从客户打开Coupang主页开始,直到客户通过订单完成所产生的非凡的购物体验,我们将负责处理该过程中的每个部分。

 Product Engineering:

  • 拥有Coupang面向电子商务的功能
  • 推动Coupang的新方案和关键任务计划
  • 引领Coupang前端系统采用优秀的技术堆栈。
     - Cloud Native(AWS)、MSA、JPA、Elastic stack、Docker、Kafka、Spring boot、Graphite、Cassandra、原生移动开发。
  • 专注于网站可靠性,确保轻松购物体验
  • 真正的全球化,团队分布在首尔、上海、北京和湾区




  • 在整个软件开发生命周期中,作为产品工程团队的技术负责人
  • 在Coupang新平台,服务和解决方案中,作为主要架构审核人员
  • 技术领导推动公司范围的项目
  • 领导产品工程服务的架构设计,构建高可靠性,高效的前端服务
  • 针对产品工程和Coupang中的技术问题有较强的解决方案
  • 与产品经理、利益相关者和设计人员协作以执行改进事项或新的应用
  • 确保遵守所需的持续改进措施以满足质量/上市时间的市场需求
  • 通过提高技术的广度和深度在Agile团队内部或跨Agile团队分享最佳实践和改进流程,释放工程效率并开发团队



  • 具有10年的IT行业经验
  • 具有扎实的电子商务行业和架构经验
  • 具有扎实的JVM,Web开发,数据库,Multi-thread,分发系统,cache和消息服务的经验
  • 具有丰富的性能调优经验
  • 热衷于电子商务,对常见的痛点和一般解决方案有清晰的认识
  • 扎实的知识和对算法,设计模式和常用框架的全面理解
  • 架构思维跟踪了大型分布式系统构建/重新架构的记录,并成功推动
  • 深入了解不同的数据库解决方案,缓存策略
  • 能够分析复杂的业务需求并简化可扩展的技术解决方案
  • 跟踪系统可靠性和效率改进的记录
  • 优秀的英语沟通能力
  • 较强的问题解决能力
  • 能够做到准时部署,并且在动态快节奏的环境中工作
  • 能够像领导介绍架构和解决方案



  • 有良好的书面和表达能力
  • 具有商品购买进程方面的经验
  • 具有处理11.11等高流量的经验



Senior Principal Engineer-Product Engineering

Coupang is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the planet. We are on a mission to revolutionize everyday lives for our customers, employees and partners. We solve problems no one has solved before to create a world where people ask, “How did we ever live without Coupang?” Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. 


Job Overview: 

As our Senior Principal Engineer  for Product Engineering, you will be responsible for 

building Coupang customer facing products, we are in charge of 10+ mission critical applications which handles millions customer transactions every day, from customer open Coupang home page, until customer finishes her extraordinary shopping experience with an order, we are taking care every single part of this journey. Product Engineering

  • Owns Coupang’s eCommerce facing features
  • Drives Coupang new initiatives and mission critical programs
  • Leads Coupang front systems with exciting tech stacks. 
     - Cloud Native (AWS), MSA, JPA, Elastic stack, Docker, Kafka, Spring boot, Graphite, Cassandra, native mobile development.
  • Obsesses over site reliability to guarantee an effortless shopping experience
  • Is truly global, with teams located at Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and Bay area

Our vision is to build a trusted eCommerce platform by obsessing over reliable and effortless shopping experience, through a highly productive engineering team.


Key Responsibilities

  • Tech lead for Product Engineering team throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Key architecture reviewer for new platform, services and solutions in Coupang
  • Tech lead to drive the Company wide project
  • Lead the architecture design for Product Engineering services and build a high reliable and efficient front service.
  • Strong problem resolver for the tech problems in Product Engineering and Coupang
  • Collaboration with product owners, stakeholders and designers to implement enhancements or new applications
  • Ensure adherence to continuous improvement practices as required to meet quality/time to market imperatives;
  • Share best practices and improve processes within or across agile teams, unleashing engineering productivity and develop team by levering up the technical width and depth.


Basic Qualifications:

  • 10 years experiences in IT industry
  • Solid Experience in design and architect in e-commerce industry
  • Solid experiences in JVM, Web development, data base, multi-thread, distribution system, cache, and messaging service.
  • Solid experiences in performance tuning
  • Passionate in e-commerce and have a clear understanding about the common pain points and general solutions.
  • Solid knowledge and comprehensive understanding about algorithm, design pattern and common used framework
  • Architectural thinking tracked record in building / rearchitecting the large distributed system and launched successfully.
  • Deep understanding for different DB Solution, cache policy
  • Solid ability to analysis the complex business requirement and simplify with scalable tech solution.
  • Tracked record in leading system reliability and efficiency improvement.
  • Excellent communication skills with English.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Able to work in a dynamic and fast paced environment with frequent and on-time releases.
  • Ability to present to executives for the architecture and solution 



·         Good document and presentation skill

·         Experiences in Product Purchase funnel

·         Experiences in handling high traffic like 11.11

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