Current Job Openings at Coupang


Consumer Electronics and Media

Coupang Live

Coupang Media Group

Coupang Media Group Tech

CMG Engineering

Staff ML Engineer (Ads Quality)
Mountain View or Seattle

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service

eCommerce Product

Onsite Merchandiser
Tokyo, Japan

Marketplace Product Management

Retail Product Management


Global Customer Direct

Senior Brand Manager
Seattle, WA

Global Ecommerce

Growth Analytics

Home Living and Leisure

HPC and Beauty


Marketing System

Marketplace and Customer Returns

PBS and Pricing Ops

Private Label


Retail Selection

Travel Business

Corporate Development

Coupang Eats Services

Coupang Fulfillment Services (CFS)


[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_소방 안전관리자
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요
[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_보건관리자
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요
[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_안전관리자
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(CFS) Facilities & Maintenance

(CFS) Finance

[CFS] Senior Finance Analyst (대구4 물류센터)
경상북도 칠곡군 지천면 금호리 산 30-1번지

(CFS) Fulfillment


[CFS] 보건관리자 (EHS Health Manager)
공고 하단에 지역 선택 바랍니다
[CFS] 안전관리자 (EHS Safety Manager)
공고 하단에 지역 선택 바랍니다
[CFS] 소방 안전관리자 (Fire Safety Manager)
공고 하단에 지역 선택 바랍니다.
[CFS] 총무 (Fulfillment Facility Mgmt)
하기 지원가능 지역을 확인해주세요.
[인재풀 등록] CFS_HR_총무 (Fulfillment Facility Mgmt)
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요
[CFS] HRM Specialist
고양1, 곤지암1, 시흥3, 안성2, 호법, 마장1, 천안, 목천1, 인천4, 인천5, 인천15
[CFS] Recruiter
호법, 안성2, 안성5, 대구4, 대구6, 목천1, 시흥3, 전남광주4, 경기도 광주, 인천15, 인천16, 인천1, 이천1, 용인1
[CFS] 선임(Senior) 안전관리자 (EHS)
인재풀 등록 바랍니다.
[CFS]Senior, Employee Relations (ER)
근무지를 확인해주세요

Coupang Logistics Services (CLS)

Business Support (CLS)

Coupang Pay

Coupang Pay Tech

Coupang Play

Play Engineering


Eats Operations

Eats Sales & Business

External Relations


Accounting Manager
Riverside, CA
Principle Financial Analyst
Mountain View, CA
Senior Finance Manager
Seoul, Korea

Global Operations

Industrial Engineer
Riverside, CA


Riverside FC


SCM Tech

Service Design Excellence




Senior HR Business Partner
Seattle, US Offices


Environmental Health & Safety

Executive Assistance, Translation & Interpretation

Executive Assistant
Mountain View, CA

Logistics EHS


Corporate IT

Customer Experience Product

Ecommerce Engineering

Engineering Operations and Strategy

Experiment Platform

FTS (Fulfillment and Transportation System)

Marketplace, Catalog & Pricing Systems

Pricing Tech Engineering

Product UX

Search and Discovery

Communication Operation and Productivity



Staff Data Analyst
Mountain View, CA
Tech Lead (Search Features)
Mountain View, CA

Search and Discovery Product

Staff Android Engineer
Mountain View, CA
Staff Product Designer
Mountain View, CA

Tech Infrastructure

Cloud Platform

Services Platform

Storage and Monitoring Platform

Security & Privacy and Data Governance