Current Job Openings at Coupang



Consumer Electronics and Media

Coupang Live

Coupang Media Group

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service

Senior Content specialist (CS)
Seoul, South Korea
Senior CS Training specialist
Seoul, South Korea
Senior QA Specialist
Seoul, South Korea

Eats Finance & Strategy

eCommerce Product

Senior Product Manager(GFS)
Seoul, South Korea

Marketplace Product Management

Global Customer Direct

Global Ecommerce

Growth Analytics

Home Living and Leisure

HPC and Beauty



Social Media Manager
Taipei, Taiwan

Marketplace and Customer Returns

PBS and Pricing Ops

Photographer (Contract)
Seoul, South Korea

Private Label

Program Management Office

Site Merchandising

Travel Business

Corporate Development

Coupang Eats Services

CXM Administrative Support
z-Test & Templates Only

Coupang Fulfillment Services (CFS)


[CFS] 전문 심리상담사
대구2, 창원4, 이천2, 고양 (근무 가능한 지역 선택 바랍니다)
[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_소방 안전관리자
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요
[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_보건관리자
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요
[인재풀 등록] CFS_EHS_안전관리자
하단에 업무 가능 지역을 표시해주세요

(CFS) Facilities & Maintenance

(CFS) Finance

(CFS) Fulfillment


[CFS] 소방 안전관리자 (Fire Safety Manager)
공고 하단에 지역 선택 바랍니다.
[CFS] HRM Specialist
Seoul, South Korea
[CFS] Recruiter
Seoul, South Korea

Coupang Logistics Services (CLS)

Coupang Pay

Coupang Pay Tech

Coupang Play

Senior Video Editor
Seoul, South Korea

Play Engineering


Eats Operations

[CES] CoupangEats Mart Manager
Seoul, South Korea
Eats Account Management Daejeon
Seoul, South Korea

Eats Sales & Business

External Relations


Accounting Manager
Riverside, USA
Director, Internal Controls
Seoul, South Korea
Equity Plan Administrator
z-Test & Templates Only
FP&A (logicstics)
Seoul, South Korea
Internal Audit (IT)
Seoul, South Korea
Senior Internal Audit
Seoul, South Korea

Global Operations

Taipei, Taiwan
Principal, Buyer
Taipei, Taiwan
Senior Buyer


Flex Outbound Associate
Seoul, South Korea

Riverside FC


Service Design Excellence

Sr. Supply Chain Management (S&OP)
z-Test & Templates Only


Legal Counsel (eCommerce Legal)
Seoul, South Korea


Coupang Technical Internships - Summer 2022
Seattle, Washington | Mountain View, California
Sr. Comp Partner
South Korea


Executive Assistance, Translation & Interpretation

Logistics EHS


Staff Back-end Engineer
Shanghai, China

Corporate IT

Customer Experience Product

Ecommerce Engineering

Senior Front-end Engineer
Shanghai, China

Engineering Operations and Strategy

FTS (Fulfillment and Transportation System)

Marketplace, Catalog & Pricing Systems

Product UX

Senior Staff, UX Research Lead
Seoul, South Korea

Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery Core Infrastructure

Search and Discovery Product

Tech Infrastructure

Cloud Platform

Security & Privacy and Data Governance

Physical Security

Global Head of Security
Seoul, South Korea