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Hi there! We’re Core — a small, ambitious team empowering fitness professionals to launch and scale their digital business. 

As we work toward a public launch early in 2021, we’re looking for a talented writer to help us create exceptional content for our site’s resource library. 

Our mission is to enable fitness instructors to launch, scale, and grow their business. To do this, we provide a one-stop-shop for content and client management that powers the instructor’s own branded experience across iOS, Android, and web. They set the prices. They own the content. They own the customers. It’s their business powered by Core.
We really care about moving the fitness industry from something that is overly aspirational to something much more foundational. As JFK said, "everyone should be given the opportunity to make and keep himself physically fit. Fit to learn. Fit to understand. Fit to grow in grace and stature. Fit to fully live." And we believe that by helping instructors build sustainable businesses, we can help people move a bit more and thus find more vigor in life.  
We are venture backed and incubated by Kevin Ryan and the incredible team at AlleyCorp — originators of companies like MongoDB, BusinessInsider, Zola, GIlt Grope, and many more.


The problem: Now, more than ever, personal trainers and group fitness instructors are building independent, digital-first businesses.

Instead of being fully reliant on gyms, boutique studios, and in-person sessions, these fitness entrepreneurs are using platforms like Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, Venmo, and WhatsApp to create, distribute, and monetize content. 

Far from optimized, these solutions are hacked together — costing fitness professionals time and money. 


Our solution: Core is building the all-in-one infrastructure for fitness professionals looking to launch and scale their digital-first business. 

From creating a custom web, iOS, and Android experience to publishing on-demand programs, hosting live events, selling merchandise, managing clients, and more, Core helps fitness entrepreneurs grow their business and community, seamlessly.


Writing for Core 

Like our technology platform, we aspire to create best-in-class content. 

To achieve this goal, we’re building the definitive resource center and knowledge hub for fitness professionals, helping them thrive in a fast-changing environment.

Instead of looking to the fitness industry for inspiration, where low quality or buzzword-filled content is the norm, we’re modeling our resource center after the in-depth guides created by Stripe, Shopify, and ConvertKit


What we’re looking for

  • Understanding/execution of a reader-first approach to writing and storytelling
  • Experience writing engaging, error-free content related to marketing and social media 
  • Deep interest and expertise in content marketing, brand building, and digital media 
  • Ability to translate complex topics into relatable and relevant content


What to expect

This is a contracted position. The full scope, rates, and deadlines will be discussed as part of the interview process. The work itself will be fairly autonomous, with expectations, check-ins, and sign-off requirements identified before the project kicks off.


The work to be completed

You’ll play a hand in crafting any number of in-depth guides. The specific number and topic will depend on your availability, expertise, and interests.

Among other topics, the main guides include (working titles):

  • The Complete Guide to Producing Video Fitness Content 
    • Hardware, Software, Filming set-up, Editing, Publishing, Distribution, etc
  • The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Building a Personal Brand
  • How Fitness Pros Can Develop a Foolproof Content Strategy for Every Platform
    • Organic Content. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Email, website, etc 
    • Content distribution, calendar, frequency, etc 
    • Understanding different audiences and intentions 
    • Creating and Optimizing an Engagement Funnel 
    • Monetizing each platform  
  • How to: paid acquisition on every platform
    • Underpriced attention
    • Understanding ad units, creative, pricing, CAC, LTV, etc  


Next Steps 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. If you’re interested in potentially working together, or at least learning more, let’s set up a call. 

From there, if we’re aligned and wanting to move forward, we’ll choose a topic to start with and collaborate on the outline. The agreed-upon outline will be rolled into the scope of work, helping inform the rate and timeline. 

Once the details are ironed out, the writing begins. We’ll check-in at quarterly benchmarks to ensure alignment, and the piece will be reviewed and finalized by our editor upon completion. 

And if you’re not, no worries — thanks for your time.

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