Grow with the company; we offer significant, competitive equity to early engineers

Salary: $130,000.00 - $180,000.00 per year

Benefits: 100% contribution to healthcare, dental, and vision coverage for employees and 90% for dependents. Core also provides a 401k!



The fitness industry is moving from studio-first to instructor-first and from in-person-first to virtual-first. This shift began years ago, and the events of the past few months have greatly accelerated the trend. We're building software to enable instructors thrive in this new market.


Meanwhile, many customer segments are underserved and underrepresented by current digital fitness options, for example across different ages, cultures & languages, life stages, or workout types. In empowering instructors to connect with their students online, Core aims to match a diversity of instructor styles with the diversity of consumer needs and wants. We're breaking free from the tired stereotypes and making fitness more accessible, creating a happier, healthier world for every body.


Core is a funded venture-backed startup based in NYC and is hiring several engineers across the stack to launch our MVP – come be part of the journey! All will be joining our team in early-stage product development, working across roles. You will be joining the team as one of the first engineering hires and will be integral in growing the culture of our engineering team and Core. If you like to build and launch brand-new products, collaborate with design, prototype for fast iteration cycles, and ultimately ship high-quality code this is the role for you.


You’re looking for a role where you’ll...

  • Create great user experiences for both our fitness instructors and their students
  • Optimize for both mobile and desktop web, and also a mobile Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Be a self-starter: take ideas and input and turn them into reality
  • Write code that is easy to understand and easy to change as we learn from our users and iterate on the product
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams; we believe that a better product is built through teamwork and communication
  • Evaluate technical tradeoffs of decisions and collaborate with design on the best path to move the product forward quickly
  • Operate with curiosity, empathy, and humility
  • Innovate on the meaning of “best-in-class digital fitness” especially from the standpoint of a web strategy and embeddable components
  • Build in Svelte/Sapper on the frontend; you understand the power of good technical architecture, most importantly in service of solving user problems
  • Grow with the company; we offer significant, competitive equity to early engineers


What we’re looking for...

  • Deep understanding of frontend fundamentals beyond the framework of the day
  • Expertise on the frontend; familiarity with working full-stack on APIs and the backend when needed
  • Experience in agile teams with working knowledge on how work gets from ideation to production
  • Experience working at a high-growth startup or large tech company


  • Experience with Svelte/Sapper or MobX
  • Experience building progressive web apps
  • Experience building with video
  • Experience with Elixir or other functional programming languages
  • Experience with native mobile or a cross-platform framework such as Flutter
  • Experience with two-sided marketplaces, platform businesses, ecommerce, and/or payments



The world is wild right now and our thinking may change, but as an early stage company, we hope to be able to work in person a few days a week by Q1 2021. In the meanwhile we're remote and optionally meeting in the office. Health and safety come first.

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