Over the course of the next year, Convercent’s Corporate team will be vital in forming the future of this company.  Account Executives are responsible for driving net new sales and customer upsells into companies between $500 million and $6 billion in revenue through proactive sales activities.  Convercent is not shy to admit that we value grit, curiosity and empathy when looking for people to join our team, because we believe anyone who joins us is working for a company changing the world for the better.  Check out the below and apply if this describes you!


  • “Talk the talk” Become a natural at communicating how our solution helps solve the business problems of the Ethics and Compliance (E&C) professional.
  • “Omaha, Omaha” – Denver’s own Peyton Manning. Be audible ready so you can deftly respond and adapt, based on what you hear from the customer.
  • “I’ve never met a phone I didn’t like.” Outbound prospecting skills required; because you’re responsible for a portion of your own pipeline. BUT you’re not on your own - you’ll have help from pre-built sequences and tools like Outreach.
  • “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Understand ongoing E&C needs within your existing customer base by partnering with the Customer Success organization. Desire to collaborate with teammates is a must!
  • “Those who know, do.” Adopt and excel at value-based selling using our “Command of the Message” framework.
  • #represent You are the spokesperson for our premium brand, which means you represent our values. At conferences, roundtables and our industry event, Converge, you should be the best version of yourself.
  • “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Rely on Salesforce.com to track sales activities and manage your individual pipeline.
  • “Minnow, Fish, Whale.” In the Corporate AE role, there is strength in diversification of your pipeline. You should be able to manage a good mix of deal types – from the transactional to the strategic – to get you to goal.
  • “Let’s get uncomfortable.” (if that doesn’t make sense, check out our Values page) Embody the values of our company in daily interactions with team members and customers.
  • “You run the day, or the day runs you.” Forecast all sales activity and revenue achievement; reach and exceed sales targets. Use a qualitative approach to territory planning to maximize outreach results.


  • Attend Convercent’s New Hire Orientation, where you will learn our Convercent story and understand what makes us unique
  • Participate in our 3-week AE Base Camp, where you will learn the industry, our value framework, our software and all the skills necessary to build your Convercent acumen, complete with certification and live role plays to jumpstart your path to success
  • Begin 1:1’s with your leader, meet & shadow current members of the Convercent team, and dive into your territory
  • Begin leveraging outreach, hitting your daily activities in your strategic accounts – cold calling, emailing, LinkedIn, etc.


  • Have a strong understanding of Convercent and feel comfortable pitching Convercent’s value to various types of prospects
  • Meet regularly with your assigned CSMs, your leader, and peers to become an expert on the industry, product, talk track, objection handling and prospecting
  • Continue your education around Convercent’s differentiators and continue to strengthen your business acumen through Command of the Message
  • Be comfortable hosting first calls all the way through proposal and closing calls
  • Consistently achieve your activity goals
  • Become an expert on internal tools and sales processes


  • Consistently meet or exceed your quota
  • Continue to focus on your professional development
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Contribute to team meetings


  • Be seen as a leader on the Revenue team and contribute to meetings and trainings with positivity and solutions-oriented ideas
  • Be a trusted business advisor and Convercent expert, making a significant impact on the Revenue Organization
  • Work with sales and marketing to help create new campaigns to drive pipeline
  • Set an example for new AEs and BDRs, and assist in training, onboarding and motivating
  • Identify career a path to work towards and develop career progression plan with your leader in the Convercent model
  • Fully ramped and able to successfully involve multiple Convercent team members across different teams to achieve a value-based sale

About Convercent:

Robust. Agile. Collaborative. And you should see our software. Bringing the transformative power of the cloud to the compliance and ethics industry, Convercent's award-winning SaaS solution empowers our customers to be more effective and efficient in managing their compliance efforts. With an inclination towards innovation, Convercent is helping our customers raise the standard--and expectations--for how companies safeguard their financial and reputational health. 

Convercent is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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