Connect Homes is a prefab home builder based in Los Angeles.

The Connect Homes housing system has emerged from a decade of research on making high-modern, green architecture affordable to the mass-market. The results are low-cost modular prefab homes that mimic the spatial and aesthetic qualities of mid-century modern California residential architecture. These homes can be shipped anywhere, adapted to any environment, and are move-in ready a few weeks later.

Connect Homes modules emerge from their San Bernardino factory 95% complete -- with all interior and exterior finishes, doors, windows, appliances, plumbing, mechanical, fire sprinkler systems, finish flooring, and roofing already installed. The homes can be shipped worldwide on the intermodal shipping container network, and can be installed in as little as two weeks.

Connect Homes offers an exciting alternative for those looking to connect to better design and to connect to a better way to build.

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