Senior Product Manager, Growth + Engagement


Under Armour’s Connected Fitness Product team is looking for a Senior Product Manager to lead growth initiatives across our MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun application suites. This position will be responsible for delivering features that motivate users to establish and achieve personalized fitness goals. You will work on experiences that reach across our app ecosystem and focus on transforming users into lifelong advocates of the Under Armour brand.


A successful Product Manager is passionate about great products. They have a thoughtful point of view about what makes products great or terrible. They can also translate their point of view into product requirements that result in great software. Product Managers are analytical. They must be confident enough to analyze numbers and make decisions based on them, but also curious enough to understand why they may be wrong. Great PMs are peculiar. On the one hand, they are incredibly meticulous, but on the other hand they know when to let go. They enable others to do their best work by articulating the boundaries of a problem and staying focused on what matters to users. The ability to communicate clearly is paramount. Product Management is art and science, strategy and tactics, passion and reason.


At Under Armour, our vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without. To do this as a member of the Product team, it will help if you identify as an athlete, but this isn’t a requirement. However, your ability to understand users and put their needs first might be the most critical requirement of all. We are passionate about making athletes better. And in order to do this, we must stay close to our users, which means doing survey research, designing experiments, digging into product analytics, and talking to users whenever possible.

What You’ll Do

  • Build a Vision: Transform insights and strategy into tactical product decisions and direction, and get buy-in from all critical cross-functional stakeholders
  • Understand our users: Identify user needs and spot opportunities to build personalized experiences that improve engagement and retention, grow the user base and delight our (current and potential) users.
  • Know the competition: Understand the competitive space better than anyone else. Be an expert in Connected Fitness with a point of view on how we differentiate our experience today and into the future.
  • Prioritize efforts: Scope, prioritize, and schedule features to maximize impact on users and the long-term differentiation of our products.  
  • Manage complexity with simplicity: Able to manage multiple, complex projects/features simultaneously with cross-functional scrum teams
  • Deliver customer value early and often: This includes writing specifications and leading multidisciplinary teams (engineering, design, project management, etc.) to deliver new and iterative experiences
  • Measure and iterate: Optimize product features through A/B testing. Analyze product data and make iterative product changes based on user feedback.
  • Communicate strategically: Know when to communicate what to whom. Bring teammates to the table at the right time and ensure effective flow of information across the team. 

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