NLP and Machine Learning Engineer


About the Company:

Connatix, the most advanced video platform for publishers, powers the video content and advertising businesses of the largest media companies in the world including CBS, Time Inc and Tribune Media. We are headquartered in New York City, with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, UK, and Cluj, Romania.


About the Team:

  • You will be working in a new innovative team that develops advanced AI technology for content enhancement, one of a kind product in the market
  • You will be responsible to solve hard problems in text and media analysis and natural language understanding by applying NLP, computer vision, data mining and machine learning algorithms


Job Description

What you’ll be doing?

  • You will be involved in all steps, including data collection, data processing, ML algorithms and ML model deployments
  • Apply NLP techniques to analyze texts, extracting data and relationships and develop context-aware NLP approaches.
  • Apply machine learning and data mining techniques for a variety of modeling and relevance problems involving users data and activities
  • Work with large unstructured and structured data sets
  • Perform exploratory data analyses
  • Design and develop deep learning algorithms
  • Generate and test working hypotheses
  • You will work closely with live production systems and product teams, and deliver machine learning solutions at scale
  • Build smarter, more efficient ways of automating machine learning processes, including labeling, training, testing and visualization
  • Prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns
  • Conduct production A/B testing, interpret and understand algorithm performance


    • 5+ years of experience applying, implementing, and/or developing machine learning or statistical algorithms
    • A background in Natural Language Processing or Information Retrieval
    • 5+ years of proven experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Python, Java, Scala, R, C# and an interest in learning new languages and technologies
    • Experience with TensorFLow, PyTorch, scikit-learn 
    • Experience with large-scale systems and data, e.g. Spark, distributed systems
    • Strong ability to analyze functional needs that drive the analysis and technical design of quality technical solutions
    • Very good understanding and hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services (Kinesis, Athena, Firehorse, S3, EC2, EMR, Sagemaker) - advantage
    • Experience working with high-performance scalable systems
    • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
    • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Organizational, problem solving, and time management abilities
    • Fluent in English
    • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering or another technical discipline
  • A PhD., in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics or related subjects - advantage
  • Excited about building powerful yet efficient big-data infrastructure for machine learning

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