Commonstock makes finding quality investing information easier. We are building a social network that amplifies the knowledge of the best investors, verified by actual track records. Community members link their existing brokerage accounts (Robinhood, Coinbase, etc) and share their real portfolio, performance, and trades (by percent only, we never share dollar amounts). Commonstock is not a brokerage, but a social layer on top of existing brokerages helping to create more engaged and informed investors.

So far, we have focused all of our effort on organic network effects. As a result, a cult-like community has formed and is rapidly expanding. We are well capitalized and our team comes with experience across the investing and tech landscape, from hedge-funds and VCs to big tech and small startups. Last year we
announced our $10M round from some of the best VCs in the world, including Floodgate, QED, Resolute, Upside, Abstract, and Social Capital.

What We Look For

Our Product team has built social and financial products at all stages. This team runs the product roadmap and interfaces with Design, Engineering, and Business teams to ensure features are delivered in a timely manner. Our goal is to build a service that makes investing easier, and delights our users.
We are looking for a project manager to focus on our delivery process. You will be helping run the daily standups and managing epics, stories, and bug tickets, as well as conducting a final review of the QA teams’ work. Further, your help will be needed in scheduling weekly demos, retros, and other product related meetings.
  • Interest in investing, personal finance, corporate strategy, or anything else related to private or public investing
  • Experience working with Jira or other ticketing systems (we use Clubhouse)
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Responsible for managing multiple projects at the same time
  • Collaborative attitude & desire to participate in a cross-functional team experience
  • 3 years of experience helping ship products and optimizing business processes

Nice to haves

  • Experience working at a startup
  • 4+ years of professional experience

Hiring Thesis

  • Quality over quantity will lead to small, flexible teams with massive output
  • Aim for a diverse group who has a passion for investing & financial health
  • Every teammate shapes product & strategic direction
  • Every teammate can hire & inspire talent

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