Common Desk

Common Desk’s mission is to make days better by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging–for all. Recognizing that most people spend more time with the people they work with than they do their families and friends each week, our Founder, Nick, set out in 2012 to create a workspace that would help people look forward to (instead of dread) coming to the office each week, then he took it a step further by instilling a culture of human connection into our approach to operating a workspace. Our mission plays out in a variety of ways, but when it comes down to it, we specialize in creating a sense of community that anyone can belong to, whether within the context of a Common Desk membership or the feeling of being a regular at one of our Fiction Coffee shops.

How do we pull it all off, you ask? We hire exceptional people. Our brand wouldn’t be anything without the staffers powering it, and we consider them the secret sauce to what makes Common Desk (Fiction included) such a special place to be. Every single role at Common Desk is integral to the success of this company. We’re really passionate about never getting too big for our britches and not letting one role have domain or prevalence over another simply for the sake of hierarchy or title rank, which is exactly why you’ll see our Founder cleaning bathrooms or launching new spaces on the reg. Every voice at Common Desk has the ability to be heard, and as we continue to grow as a company, we’re committed to making sure that even more opportunities for inclusion and idea/thought-sharing exist.

So, do you have a passion for people? Are you a hard worker? Do you enjoy an ever-changing environment, a tight-knit work culture, and being part of a growing team? Check below for our currently available coworking jobs & internships, and if you see one that makes your heart do a little happy dance, apply!

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