The Company

Colossal Media is an award-winning Brooklyn-based company celebrated for reviving hand-painted outdoor advertising. Founded in 2004 on the ashes of a forgotten art form, we've grown into a premium creative partner for the world's largest brands, agencies, and artists. Our memorable campaigns build curiosity and amplify exposure through dynamic storytelling, redefining and elevating the out-of-home experience. We have a vision for rapid growth and to make this happen, we need you! Many of our campaigns are captured on film to create a timeless story. These videos are a great way for you to learn more about our business and our mission so take a minute to check them out:

The Role

We are looking for hardworking, artistic people without an ounce of quit in them to join our NYC-based production crew as apprentices. We hire in classes and are looking for candidates ready to start a career that combines a love for painting with the desire to be physically active, either on the ground or on a rig in the sky. Ideal candidates have work and/or life experience to back their ability to hustle, embrace challenges, problem solve in high-stress situations, and excel in a team environment.

If you have put in a hard days work, both physically and mentally, you might be a fit. For those motivated and ready to get dirty, our rigorous apprenticeship program will introduce you to an art form and train you to be the very best in the industry.

Colossal’s paint apprenticeship is more than challenging. Our production team works year round in all types of weather. That means we’re outside in the sweltering heat, sub-zero temperatures, and everything in between. We expect those who complete our apprenticeship program to go on to paint great murals with us by leading or supporting large production teams while also teaching and training. 

Our apprenticeship lasts one year and is just the beginning of a long career at Colossal.

Key Responsibilities:

Apprentices learn our process of creating large format murals from start to finish by assisting higher ranking painters. This work includes pre-production, wall preparation, loading and unloading trucks, and anything else that supports the paint team. Apprentices are also instrumental in keeping the shop organized and supplies stocked. Long days, long weeks, and ultimately long years can be expected in order to become an expert painter.


The Basics:

  • Valid driver's license

  • Superior work ethic

  • Zero fear of heights

  • Adaptable, persistent, positive, and focused

  • A good alarm clock

  • Availability to travel up to 1 week per month

  • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs

The unBasics:

  • Naturally live by our pillars: curiosity, awareness, leadership, and craft

  • Speak up with respectful radical candor

  • Come to the job with an obsession for excellence

  • Be thoughtful, self-reflective, empathetic, and adaptable

  • Respect and understand the importance of craftsmanship


  • Resume

  • Cover letter; please use your cover letter to highlight experience from your resume and life that fulfill the requirements listed above

  • Artwork samples; it is required that candidates post the URL to their website or Instagram account that showcases their artwork

  • References

Before applying, watch this video to get an idea of what our painters do. For insight into Colossal Media's work, take a few minutes to hear more from our founders in this video.

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