About Us

At CollegeVine, we are leveling the playing field of college admissions as the leading provider of virtual guidance for high school students.  By selectively hiring only the most talented individuals and rigorously training them in all aspects of admissions, we’ve created a network of expert consultants.  Each team member is powered by the CollegeVine centralized knowledge bank and proven-effective strategies from thousands of students with whom we’ve worked with over the last 5 years.  As a result, we help high school students and their families confidently navigate the path to the best schools for them in the most optimal way. 

Why work with us?

Competitive Pay. We attract the best talent possible and pay competitively at a starting rate of $25 per hour. Potential increases and bonuses are based on excellent service delivery. We offer a referral bonus program and full-time employees are also benefits-eligible.

Make a Difference. You’ll build close bonds with your students throughout your time working together; and there is no better feeling than seeing your students reach their dreams.

Build Your Resume. Working at CollegeVine is like a crash course in professional skill development across project management, client service, and mission-driven execution. Our employees continue on to work at McKinsey, Google, and SpaceX; others move into social work and education. Some even continue building their careers at CollegeVine. Just like the students we serve, our goal is to help position you for success in your career.

* Positions at Headquarters in Cambridge, MA can be found here:  

Current Job Openings

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