CoinList is where the top crypto projects in the world raise funds and build out their communities. Through our token sale platform, we've helped projects like Filecoin, Blockstack, and Origin raise over $450 million. Through our community building tools, we've helped projects like DFINITY and 0x engage developers and crypto enthusiasts. We are backed by top-tier investors, have offices in SF and NY, and are just getting started.

As the Head of Engineering at CoinList, your days will be filled with all sorts of fascinating challenges -- from recruiting a world class team, to defining unproven strategies in a brand new industry, to building an ecosystem of fundraising and investing tools for a diverse community of project teams and crypto enthusiasts. Our work is difficult and ambitious, which is what makes it fun.

If you are an entrepreneurial engineering leader with a passion for blockchain, we’d love to hear from you.

Who you are

  • You’re an experienced leader. You’ve led engineering teams that built complex products and systems, ideally within a startup environment.
  • You love to code. While you might enjoy managing people, you still consider yourself an engineer. You love building for fun on nights and weekends. You contribute to open source. You dream about software and are always thinking about new things you can create.
  • You’re high bandwidth. You get things quickly. You were a top student in your computer science program or have been teaching yourself programming from an early age. You like being around people who challenge you.
  • You’re curious. You want to understand how things work. You value interesting things, especially outside your discipline. You like teaching others and constantly learning. You read and question things.
  • You like to ship. You make deadlines for yourself and you move fast. You focus on the things that matter and push back on things that don’t. People know they can count on you to get things done.
  • You’re scrappy and entrepreneurial. You’ve built apps for fun and worked on side projects before. You’re interested in all aspects of startups - from user testing, to marketing, to raising capital. If you haven’t already started your own company, you think you might like to in the future.
  • You care about the product. You might not be a product expert, but you value good design. You enjoy thinking about why certain products work and discussing new apps. You want to build delightful products that users love and that make people’s lives more meaningful.
  • You care about the team. Your past teammates consider you one of their best managers and leaders. You enjoy hanging out with your teammates, make the workplace more fun for everyone, and care about doing the right thing.
  • You are a 10x thinker, far more excited by huge disruptions than by small improvements. If something is hard, that makes it more fun, and you know that if anyone can figure it out, you can.
  • You’re interested in crypto. Preferably you’ve built things in it. At a minimum, you have a desire to learn.

What you will do

  • You’ll lead by example. While your focus will be on engineering leadership, you’ll make a habit of getting your hands dirty -- writing code, learning new tools, and doing whatever is need to get things done.
  • You’ll ship product. From hack days, to experimental prototypes, to developing a more performant backend system, your team will constantly be building and shipping product. You’ll help build a culture that values well-documented code, unit tests, best practices, and moving quickly.
  • You’ll rapidly grow and improve. At CoinList you’ll be working with some of the smartest engineers you’ve ever met, who love to learn and teach each other. You’ll find yourself stretching to new areas, immersed in feedback, and engrossed in deep conversations on a daily basis.
  • You’ll help shape the product strategy. Our whole team cares deeply about the product and has significant input into its development. You’ll beta test new features and talk directly with our wide range of users, and your ideas will always be heard.
  • You’ll learn about running a company. From fundraising, to recruiting, to negotiating an office lease, you’ll have exposure to all aspects of growing and running an early stage startup. Along the way, you’ll get connected with mentors and advisors who can help you with your career for years to come.
  • You’ll be an owner. We believe in hiring smart people and giving them as much responsibility as they can handle. Whether it’s running a new project, talking with regulators to help inform policy decisions, or leading our negotiation with a new custody partner, we’ll make sure you are always pushing yourself to new levels.
  • You’ll create the future. Crypto is a far bigger deal than most people realize, and at CoinList you will be be at the forefront of it. There are all sorts of technical challenges you’ll be working though and new questions you’ll have to answer, in partnership with founders for the leading crypto projects across the globe. If you’re successful, you and the team will build something the world has never before seen.

As an early employee at CoinList you will be a critical part of our core team and have a huge influence over the direction of the company. We will compensate you well, invest deeply in your development, and do everything we can to make sure this is the single best work experience of your life.

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