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CoinDesk is seeking a reporter to cover blockchain and distributed ledger technology with a particular focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum.



We are looking to hire a candidate who has at least two years of news publishing experience as a reporter and possesses both a solid understanding of how various blockchain protocols and open-source software development work as well as an ability to communicate complex topics in simple, straightforward language. Story types will range from quick news hits to in-depth analysis pieces and profiles of influential figures.


The position will require a meticulous approach to reporting, strong news instincts and judgment, a commitment to accuracy, an eye for overarching themes and patterns, and above all a deep intellectual curiosity and a true passion for the subject matter.



  • Conceive, report and write 2-3 articles per week on the technology beat with strong community engagement and long-term value
  • Contribute additional short, “quick hit” pieces to a new CoinDesk news service of slimmed-down stories.
  • Propose and contribute to a monthly thematic series of articles.
  • Develop sources in the developer and tech communities through active engagement in the space. 
  • Collaborate with CoinDesk’s multimedia (podcast and video) and events teams to tell stories in innovative ways. 
  • Work with the editor and social media team to optimize and promote articles to reach a wider audience.



  • A solid understanding of how various blockchain protocols and open-source software development work
  • General hands-on experience with Bitcoin and/or Ethereum (ie: setting up wallets, transacting with cryptocurrencies, interacting with exchanges, running a node, using layer 2 and DeFi platforms etc)
  • At least a rudimentary understanding of blockchain analysis and ability to pull blockchain-related data from various sources
  • A nose for news and a commitment to utmost integrity in approach to sourcing and reporting stories
  • Excellent written English skills and an eye for detail
  • An ability to communicate complex concepts and topics in simple, straightforward language for a general audience
  • Writing experience in the crypto space (blogs, newsletters, credible news sites)
  • A background in journalism is preferred but not required
  • A sense of urgency and the ability to turn copy around quickly when needed.


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