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CoinDesk is the most influential, trusted platform for a growing global community engaged in the transformation of the financial system and the emerging crypto economy. Founded in May 2013, the CoinDesk platform provides millions of consumers interested in cryptocurrency assets and blockchain technology with news and insights, podcasts, live streaming TV shows, research reports, live events, and a toolkit of indexes, data, and analytics. CoinDesk is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, one of the largest private investors in the industry and a provider of trading and other investment services for that industry. CoinDesk operates entirely independently of the parent company. DCG has no involvement in editorial or content decisions. Twitter: @ CoinDesk

As digital assets reporter/editor for CoinDesk, you will be part of a team covering the fast-exploding realm of cryptocurrencies for our readers around the world.

This particular role would focus on the digital assets beyond bitcoin, consisting of some 10,000-plus cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain-based securities with a total market value of more than $1 trillion. The coverage area includes the native tokens of blockchains like Ethereum and Cardano along with payments tokens, decentralized finance (DeFi), stablecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and tokenized securities. These digital assets are at the heart of what many industry experts, analysts and investors believe to be a radically new financial and monetary system in the making. The position also comes with some editing responsibilities on regional and topical basis.    

Your mission: to ensure CoinDesk readers are fully up to date whenever and wherever something happens in these broader digital-asset markets, and that all content is accurate, punctual and written in CoinDesk style. This position would come with some editing responsibilities, so the right candidate will have experience as an editor and should have a proven track record as a leader/self-starter, with the ability to confidently and consistently publish clean copy.

You could be chasing and explaining a market move one minute, getting the inside scoop on a promising new blockchain protocol the next and being first to identify a new trend after that, all while trying to build an unrivaled network of sources that will help you make the crypto market transparent to readers in easy-to-grasp prose. A high energy news hound with a keen understanding of markets who has a way of building and maintaining sources, plays well with others, communicates clearly, and wants to win.



  • Monitor the markets for moves and write headlines and stories on notable moves.
  • Scan market data, blockchain data, news outlets, blogs, websites, social media, online forums and other information sources for market-related news that readers would want to know, writing as appropriate.
  • Edit stories on deadline and take lead or supporting role in publication of subscription-based newsletters.  
  • Pay attention to global macroeconomic trends in the regions as well as crypto-adjacent areas to be able to anticipate effects on the crypto market.
  • Write concise, sophisticated breaking news pieces with a voice. The pieces will not only explain what happened but ideally will tell the reader why it matters and how it fits in with the overall picture. 
  • Find scoops possible and deliver insightful features and trend stories. 
  • Write or contribute to daily market updates, working hand-in-glove with market  teams in other regions.
  • Occasionally write spot news to help ensure comprehensive news coverage.
  • Assist CoinDesk in building local relationships in coordination with other teams.
  • Occasionally attend relevant events, meetups and conferences, covering as appropriate.


About You:

The ideal candidate is based in India or elsewhere in Asia, working remotely, and has at least three years of experience as a financial journalist or publishing analyst covering cryptocurrency markets. Strong writing skills are a must, and a graduate degree in journalism or equivalent is considered a strong positive. You are a self-starter with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, high energy, a nose for news, keen market instincts and a can-do/collaborative attitude who can write clear, concise copy on tight deadlines. 


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COVID-19 vaccination is required for all employees whose position is based out of the NYC office. However, CoinDesk will consider accommodations for disability- and religious-based reasons on a case by case basis. (edited) 

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