We’re on a journey to tell the story of the future of money and disruption of the global financial system. 

CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and research company in this rapidly growing, blockchain and digital asset world. We are driven by the mission to be the media platform for the next generation of global investing.We are a quickly growing company with incredible ambition.

Our global presence has grown exponentially through top quality journalism and event production, creating a community for millions of members. We are all excited to continue on this journey and take pride in the opportunity we have to make a long lasting impact. We’d love for you to join us if you’re willing to take on new challenges and immerse yourself in a world of intelligent, forward thinking and also, fun humans. 

As CoinDesk pursues its mission to serve the next generation of investing, we have published an internal framework of values called The CoinDesk Way. These 25 fundamentals drive how we work every day. If The CoinDesk Way resonates with you and you find a compelling role that suits your background and interests, please apply.

We look forward to receiving your application. 

Current Job Openings



Graphic Designer
New York

Digital Media




Learn Content Editor
New York, NY
News Reporter
United Kingdom


Audio Technician
New York


Tech & Product

Chief Product Officer
New York, NY