Sr. Growth Marketing Analyst

Minerva Analytics, the latest team to emerge from Cogo’s proven incubator model, is seeking a Sr. Marketing Analyst to join our team. Using Cogo’s extensive data warehouse, the Minerva team is building communities of users on the internet through a combination of rapid-development web property tools, scalable user acquisition, and extensive competitive and performance analysis. At our core we are a media company that employs data-driven, analytical methodologies to create profitable web businesses.

What you will do:

  • Monitor key performance indicators, make data-driven recommendations, and advocate for internal resources required to drive the continued member growth via their respective marketing channel(s)
  • Insights and hypotheses will be informed by both competitive and web analytics
  • Conducting technical analysis to optimize these campaigns and sharing learnings cross-functionally
  • Designing and executing A/B tests to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Build innovative solutions to better optimize and deliver ad campaigns
  • Familiarity with running Google and Facebook ad campaigns
  • Understand traffic plans of multiple portfolio properties and tailor user acquisition plans to their needs
  • Assist product managers in setting up and optimizing new traffic campaigns
  • Identify opportunities for automating and centralizing campaign management and monitoring tasks and collaborate with engineers on implementing proposed solutions
  • Document best practices in campaign management 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, or related degree
  • Minimum of 2-4 years analyzing large data sets and taking action based on the analysis, preferably in the digital ad buying space
  • Proficiency in SQL and other general programming languages
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel domain knowledge with a desire to develop additional technical skills
  • Ability to negotiate and effectively influence internal and external partners


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