Organizations, communities, and even societies struggle to identify shared opportunities and successfully negotiate sustained outcomes in today’s world. Often the challenges appear too complex and insurmountably frustrating. It isn’t all that hard to figure out why these challenges remain unsolved as communities and organizations default toward slow, expensive, and adversarial approaches resulting in a diminished probability of reaching a good outcome. 

Coeuraj exists to create space for a wide variety of participants to come together to create shared learning, form new individual and collective identities and develop new and innovative solutions. We offer experiences that profoundly change our clients’ way of understanding the systems they live and work in and the perspectives held in existing mental models and world views. Together, we shape outcomes that can have long-lasting and transformative impacts on individual people, their organizations and communities, and quite possibly the world. 

Who we are

We are a transformation practice. We help people address change by finding solutions they hold within themselves. 

What we do

The best outcomes emerge from taking in the widest range of viewpoints. We get there using tools that leverage the richness and complexity of human interaction, including collaborative design, data science, and strategic foresight.

Why we do it

We believe our work is not only transformative for our clients but is fundamental to solving the complex global problems humanity faces today.

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