Coda is looking for a product designer to help us imagine the future of productivity software and creation tools.
The document and the spreadsheet — the paradigms that still largely dominate how businesses and people operate — have remained relatively unchanged for the last 40 years. We are building a surface that we believe has the opportunity to define the paradigms of the next 40 years. It will start as simple as a document but can grow into a powerful, connected app.
It is an exciting mission but an extremely challenging set of design problems, especially since Coda is not built for programmers. We believe the everyday user should be able to mold it into their personalized tool for work and life. As a Product Designer, you will talk to customers about their very specific needs and use cases, while creating a horizontal tool that will empower all kinds of people and businesses. You will balance designing tough micro-interactions with stepping back to think about the big picture. You will think about how to break down powerful, abstract programming and data concepts into terms anyone can learn.
Coda is currently used by tens of thousands of people and we're early in our journey. Joining our small design team so early means your fingerprints will be all over the foundation of the product. Your impact will stretch from product design to marketing to branding.
Core Responsibilities:
  • Generate ideas, from foundational concepts with big ripple effects to small UI interactions, with fellow designers, product managers, and developers. Bring a user focus to these brainstorming sessions.
  • Quickly iterate on concepts to bring them to life.
  • Prototype interactions in design tools like Figma, high fidelity with prototyping tools like Framer or by working tightly with the development team, or even by digging into the code yourself (if you are comfortable).
  • Oversee the build process with developers in a tight feedback loop.
  • Conduct user research and usability testing to discover the problems we need to focus on and to validate design changes.
  • Critique and iterate on design ideas with other team members, proactively opening up your own ideas for critique.
  • Partner with us to develop a visual language that is consistent, clear, and understandable across platforms. Work in interaction details that make the product not only usable but also enjoyable to use.
  • Help us mold our culture into one that relentlessly focuses on the people who will use it, encouraging design thinking across the organization.
  • Demonstrated success distilling complex tools down to simple and elegant experiences for end-users
  • Ability to effectively influence and advise engineering, product, and go-to-market teams to make design-centered decisions
  • Proven to have a refined aesthetic sense and can both work within and expand the visual style of the product
  • Possesses a curious mind, and is not afraid to get in and start tinkering to make things better
  • Owner mentality and willingness to roll up your sleeves
  • Cares deeply about teammates and actively works to uplift and improve the team and the team's culture
  • A sense of humor!
  • Enjoys "geeking out" around productivity apps
  • 5+ years of design experience


*PLEASE SUBMIT A PORTFOLIO (AND PASSWORD IF PASSWORD PROTECTED) - this is crucial for our application review*


This role can work from San Francisco, Mountain View, Bellevue or remotely.

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