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We're tackling the complex world of employee leave. Today, it's fascinating and baffling how complicated the process is: going on leave (be it parental, medical, bereavement, or for any other reason) means talking to reps and wading through a mountain of government and insurance claims just to get your time off and income in moments when you're the most stressed and busy. We talked to hundreds of employees and employers who had nightmare stories to tell, and wondered to ourselves why nobody had solved this yet.

Our mission is to take the work out of leave — removing all of the friction that exists today for both employees and employers — and be the #1 advocate for folks going through the process. It's a really exciting space, and we're moving incredibly fast on both product and user momentum.

Excited about taking the most frustrating insurance, banking, and finance processes out there and making them surprisingly delightful? We'd love to work with you.

💪🏽 What will you do?

We're empowering the most innovative employers nationwide, including Carta, Benchling, and Notion. Our revenue team today includes our sales, customer success, marketing, and partnerships teams and is rapidly scaling with strong inbound demand from our customers. 

As our founding RevOps lead, your mission is to bend the curve on Cocoon’s revenue trajectory by:

  • Identifying gaps in our revenue funnel, and solving for the highest impact gaps. This will include deriving insights from metrics we review at a leadership and board level, such as understanding how our founding AE team is ramping, where drop-off occurs in our funnel, and key opportunities to reduce time to ramp & make our team even more impactful. 
  • Laying the foundation for forecasting revenue and setting revenue goals as our team scales. This includes driving strategy on hiring/headcount planning, sales compensation design, modeling and managing sales quotas, and ensuring that our plans are aligned with the values that we care about as a go-to-market team - including transparency, collaboration, and equity.
  • Driving the vision and use of tools we leverage to unlock insights and efficiencies for our go-to-market team as we scale, including CRM, email marketing, and website tracking tools.
  • Building playbooks including account scoring, lead routing, pre to post sales handoff that enable us to scale at high velocity. 
  • Unlocking our marketing and partnerships teams in laying the foundation for our lead generation engine, from rolling out email marketing playbooks to tracking leads by channel to enable us to understand which channels or partners to double down on. 
  • Enabling our customer success team to measure & grow net retention. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves building playbooks from scratch and empowering teams, we want to chat!

⚡️ You'd be a great fit if you are:

  • Highly analytical and consultative: You’ll become a trusted advisor to our go-to-market leadership on where the gaps in our revenue funnel lie, highest impact levers to close these gaps, and driving our quarterly and annual planning by enabling us to predict revenue. 

  • A superb verbal & written communicator: You speak & write clearly, concisely, and with empathy. You are able to adapt your communication in a variety of situations and with a wide range of personas - from our board and at all hands, to 1:1s with new hires. 

  • A builder who is not afraid to roll up your sleeves: You’ll build the playbook and roll out the tooling that our entire go-to-market team leverages as we scale, from lead gen, to sales, to onboarding, renewals and upsells/cross-sells. Through the playbooks you build, you'll also set the culture for our team as one that is highly collaborative where we learn from and enable each other.
  • A superb project manager: You identify and prioritize the highest impact levers. You efficiently manage these projects to completion across a wide range of cross-team stakeholders. 
  • Highly flexible and adaptive: Our team, product, and market are constantly evolving. You'll know when to roll out an MVP and test a new playbook vs. when to invest in a system for scale. 
  • You have experience building out revops / GTM ops / sales / marketing ops functions in a B2B SaaS environment 


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