🚀 Build the future of employee leave

We're tackling the complex world of employee leave. Today, it's fascinating and baffling how complicated the process is: going on leave (be it parental, medical, bereavement, or for any other reason) means talking to reps and wading through a mountain of government and insurance claims just to get your time off and income in moments when you're the most stressed and busy. We talked to hundreds of employees and employers who had nightmare stories to tell, and wondered to ourselves why nobody had solved this yet.

Our mission is to take the work out of leave — removing all of the friction that exists today for both employees and employers — and be the #1 advocate for folks going through the process. It's a really exciting space, and we're moving incredibly fast on both product and user momentum.

Excited about taking the most frustrating insurance, banking, and finance processes out there and making them surprisingly delightful? We'd love to work with you.

💪🏽 What will you do?

As our founding recruiter, you'll play a pivotal role at Cocoon where we view our team as integral to the success of our company. You'll spend time understanding hiring needs across each team and driving the full-cycle candidate experience from sourcing to start at Cocoon while laying the foundation for our talent team to scale. We'll all be wearing many different hats, so you'll work on and learn a ton about adjacent areas - sales, partnerships, marketing and whatever else you're interested in.

And, most importantly, you'll be building this company with us. There's a lot to figure out. We want to work with folks who care deeply about the process of building the right company: from what operating values we should have, building out the rest of the team, decisions about how we should scale, and everything in between.

⚡️ You'd be a great fit if you:

  • Previously recruited stellar candidates at a high-growth company.
  • Possess a high degree of empathy. You can understand the motivations of a candidate and can represent all aspects of Cocoon to make them feel heard and set up for success.
  • Have a "how might we?" attitude knowing any constraints but willing to explore creative workarounds or novel ways of approaching a problem.
  • Obsess over the details, whether it’s inserting that extra level of care in our interview process or bringing efficiency to our internal recruiting operations. 
  • Are intellectually curious and enjoy digging into the nuts-and-bolts of how things work.
  • Debate without animosity or ego. We thrive on thinking from first principles, questioning assumptions, and always pushing to make things better.
  • Care deeply not just about bringing in the right team, but about building the right product and company culture. As a founding team member, you’ll have a huge impact on the company’s story.

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