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At Cloudflare, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal: to help build a better Internet. Today, Cloudflare runs one of the world’s largest distributed networks that powers more than 1.5 trillion page views each month across 5 million Internet properties. More than 10 percent of all global Internet requests flow through Cloudflare’s network. Cloudflare protects and accelerates any Internet application online without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code.

Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Every day, about 12,000 new customers sign up. We’re working to create a faster, more secure, and more reliable experience for anyone online and given the scale at which we operate, our mission is big. Our team is hard at work shaping the future of the Internet by solving some of its toughest challenges. Come join us.

About the Department

Cloudflare’s Engineering Team builds and runs the software that handles about 10% of HTTP requests on the Internet today. We also build and run the internal tools that builds and runs our software. The Engineering Team is split into two groups: one handles product development and the other handles operations. Product development covers both new features and functionality and scaling our existing software to meet the challenges of a massively growing customer base. The operations team handles one of the world’s largest networks with data centers in 102 cities worldwide.

Argo is an innovative product that intelligently selects optimal routing paths through Cloudflare’s edge network for improved performance, reliability, and security. We launched Argo in May 2017, but that was just the beginning. The Argo team is moving quickly towards our vision of building the fastest, most reliable, most secure way to move data anywhere on the planet, and we need your help!


As a Systems Engineer on the Argo team you will be responsible for building and maintaining the technologies and systems that comprise Argo, both in our high-performance global edge network and in our centralized microservice cluster. You will participate in all stages of the software development lifecycle, from designing and documenting systems, to writing code and automated tests, to planning, managing, and monitoring production software deployments. You will work with a wide range of technologies and programming languages, including Go, NGINX, Lua, REST APIs, ClickHouse, Kafka, Salt, SQL, Python, Grafana, Docker, and Marathon. You will solve problems of massive scale and significance, shaping the future of performance on the Internet.

All members of the Argo team contribute to all areas of the product. We’re looking for engineers who are excited to work broadly across our technology and service stack while also contributing deep expertise in one or more relevant areas, such as:

  • Networking: You have deep knowledge of L4 and/or L7 networking protocols. You have years of experience building low-level network applications on top of the Linux kernel. You are obsessed with measuring and optimizing for performance.
  • Microservices: You take a top-down approach to system design, identifying points of dependency and isolation with an eye towards flexibility and resilience. You’ve built networked services in Docker and designed their RESTful communication interfaces. You treat operational visibility and ease of management as first-class requirements when building new services.
  • Data Systems: You’re an expert at building applications that integrate with a diverse set of data technologies. When you look at a data management problem you can identify and communicate the feasibility and tradeoffs of different solutions like Kafka, Redis, ClickHouse, SQLite, and even in-memory data structures. You may not be a data scientist, but you get excited about data analytics and answering challenging questions using data at scale.
  • Test, Tools, and Build: You were a quality assurance engineer in a past life. You believe an engineer is only as effective as her environment, and that better living is possible through tooling. You're passionate about increasing development speed through techniques like continuous integration. You’ve managed complicated production applications through orchestration tools like Salt.

Additionally, the skills that we believe all applicants should have include:

  • Significant programming experience in Go, C++, or Rust
  • Intermediate knowledge of HTTP and TCP
  • Working knowledge of modern Unix/Linux development and runtime environments
  • Experience designing and implementing distributed systems
  • Strong ability to debug issues in complex systems
  • Creative, open-minded problem solver
  • Focus on clarity in written and verbal communication

Team Culture
We believe we’re at our best when we’re working for each other, not just ourselves. We believe in sharing ownership, taking responsibility, and giving credit. We believe we can have our biggest impact when we strive for alignment and a shared vision.

What Makes Us Special
We’re not just a highly ambitious, large-scale technology company. We’re a highly ambitious, large-scale technology company with a soul. Fundamental to our mission to help build a better Internet is protecting the free and open Internet. In 2014, we launched Project Galileo, an initiative through which we partner with global NGOs to identify websites at risk of attack and provide the same state-of-the-art mitigation technology already used by Cloudflare’s enterprise customers--at no cost. Project Galileo equips politically and artistically important organizations and journalists with powerful tools to defend themselves against attacks that would otherwise censor their work.

Additionally, in 2016, we announced our partnership with Path Forward, a nonprofit organization that works with companies to create 18-week positions for mid-career professionals who want to get back to the workplace after taking time off to care for a child, parent, or loved one. With the lofty goal of shaping the future of the Internet, we’re focused on recruiting the best and the brightest, no matter what.

Cloudflare is a security company. A successful background check is required for employment.
Cloudflare hires the best people based on an evaluation of their abilities and effectiveness. We don't discriminate against employees on the basis of any other personal characteristic or any classification protected by federal, state or local law.


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