Cloud Chamber is looking for an experienced Narrative Producer to join our studio in Montreal. This person will report to the Lead Producer and work with our Narrative and Creative Directors to execute on the established vision for our game narrative. Together they will build schedules, plan resource allocations, and define sprint & milestone deliverables to ensure on-time completion of the highest quality.


Job Details:

  • Manage the deliverables, priority, and timeline for the Narrative Team as they create, develop, and polish the game’s narrative
  • Work with the Narrative Director and Lead Writer to build the Narrative Team and ensure continual communication, both internally to the team, and external to all relevant stakeholders
  • Manage the Narrative Team’s iterative feedback and review process
  • Responsible for highlighting, tracking, and mitigating all dependencies for the Narrative Team
  • Coordinate with the Audio Director and Producer on all voice over sessions to ensure the script is locked, prepared, and sent out according to the Audio department’s recording schedule
  • Partner with the audio team and 2K publishing group to establish, plan, and process dialog localization
  • Partner with our Presentation/UI Producer to establish a plan and process for menu text integration and localization
  • Partner closely with the Cinematics Producer to track dependencies and monitor risks between  the Narrative and Cinematic teams. 
  • Assist the Narrative Director in conveying the vision and execution of the game's narrative elements across all disciplines.   


Skills, Experience and Qualifications: 

You are a force for good, and you get things done. Our Narrative Producer will communicate and collaborate with a wide range of personalities at different levels throughout the studio, from the individual contributor to the most senior of directors. In order to keep the production moving smoothly we need a producer who has a positive presence and energy. Someone who is proactive, always asking, “how can I make this better?” Our goal is to make games in a better way. How will you help us achieve that?

Must have:

  • Shipped at least one AAA title, from start to finish
  • Worked as a Narrative Producer/Project Manager in a AAA production
  • Experience working with Level/Mission/Quest Design teams, Audio teams, and/or Localisation teams
  • Demonstrably strong project management experience
  • Experienced in Jira – can set up Dashboards, Rich Filters, perform backend updates, etc
  • Experience working with content/writing tools such as Articy, Manuskript, or similar in-house tools
  • Worked in Co-Development projects or managed outsourcing groups
  • Understands how to drive quality on time and on budget
  • Can always create a positive, supportive, culture and atmosphere


Nice to Have:

  • Managed the Age Rating process
  • Managed localisation teams/process
  • Experience assisting with cinematics or mocap projects


We are Cloud Chamber: a collaborative team of inspired minds who create games together. We strive to make unique, entertaining, and thoughtful game experiences that engage the world. 

We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity, in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of our thinking.  Our focus on open communication and overall well-being allows each of us to strive for excellence in our work, and happiness in our lives.

We’re currently making the next BioShock. Our passion and love for this iconic franchise is what brought us together. The thrill and responsibility of creating the next iteration of such a beloved game is what keeps us going.


If all of this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us we’d love to meet you. Join us in creating worlds that move people.

Please note that 2K Games and its studios never use instant messaging apps or personal email accounts to contact prospective employees or conduct interviews. When emailing prospective employees we only use email accounts.


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