Senior Environment Artist - Montreal


Who We Are

Hello! We’re Cloud Chamber: a collaborative team of inspired minds who create games together. We strive to make unique, entertaining, and thoughtful game experiences that engage the world. 

We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity, in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of our thinking.  Our focus on open communication and overall well-being allows each of us to strive for excellence in our work, and happiness in our lives.


Oh, almost forgot to mention that we’re currently making the next BioShock!! I know, right? Our passion and love for this iconic franchise is what brought us together. The thrill and responsibility of creating the next iteration of such a beloved game is what keeps us going.


What We Need

Cloud Chamber is looking for a senior artist with a passion for modeling to join us and construct set pieces and assets, create and compose modular kits to build believable gameplay spaces. You will set the example for stunning visuals and create a fantastical world. 


Who We Think Will Be a Great Fit 

You, my friend, are a master of your craft. Your understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette regarding modeling and world building is second to none. You possess a solid understanding of architectural structure, industrial design, and the details necessary for crafting the building blocks of believable environments. Not to mention your superior eye for contrast, color, and detail in creating textures. Previous experience has left you with a strong understanding of shader set-up and process pipelines. You are someone who sets an example for positive collaborative process.

Minimum Requirements:

  • You’ve shipped at least one title as a senior or principal artist, ideally using Unreal or a comparable engine (e.g. Frostbyte, Crytech, idTech, etc.). 
  • Experience developing / shipping AAA first person shooters a plus!
  • Experience working within cross-discipline strike teams on collaborative assignments
  • Self-motivated, excellent communication skills, and a great team-player attitude.
  • Experience creating and maintaining asset libraries, organized by theme and function.
  • Experience with third party programs to develop complex terrain systems (eg: Gaea, Houdini, World Machine, etc..)
  • Experience with blueprints or Houdini to set up interactable objects, functional world building tools, or intricate architectural systems.
  • Experience with materials and shaders, knowing what is needed and where to use them for difficult visual targets,
  • You have a love for research, reference, and documenting your findings to share with the team.
  • Passion for working on your craft and mentoring more junior artists one on one or with tutorials and videos.


What You Will Do:

  • Work side-by-side with Directors and Leads to carry the vision forward. Together we will set the stage for a stunning narrative and systems driven experience
  • Working with a team, create environments and props; optimized for real-time with UV layouts for texturing and lightmap UVs
  • Standup exemplary examples (beautiful corners) and assets to present to your team and develop a process in which to replicate those successes
  • Create and compose modular kits and collection sets to form dramatic, believable spaces
  • Communicate effectively with team members, production and management to ensure that project goals and deadlines are met
  • Work with leads to develop world building and modeling processes, alignment decks, documentation and tutorials, and ensure that quality is maintained for environment art
  • Receive, give, and apply feedback effectively while maintaining a positive attitude


If all of this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us, we’d love to meet you. Join us in creating worlds that move people.


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