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As we look to influence the developer community regarding the use of Jenkins X and CloudBees technologies, we will hire two evangelists to lead this effort. These evangelists need to be zealous advocates of Jenkins X and CloudBees proprietary products. They will need the technical chops to be technically accurate, the developer experience to understand developer challenges and developer mindset to effectively communicate in a genuine way. Essentially an engineer who could talk the talk and walk the walk, with a personality that can sell software and is willing to fight for what they believe.


The following attributes will help to define the profile of individual we seek:


Excellent Development Skills: Grew up as a developer writing code. Understands firsthand how to code and build software and the challenges developers face everyday.


Excellent communication and networking skills: This job is about reaching out, listening and communicating. The evangelist must be active on social media and have proven their ability to attract a following. They must be prolific writers and love doing it - if writing is seen as a chore, then they will not be successful.

Personality: Must have enough social skills to be able to communicate with strangers and have it feel natural doing so. They must be outgoing and love to engage with other developers.  Uses humor and sarcasm appropriately


Leadership & Independence: The evangelist is a tech leader who acts on their own to experiment with new tech firsthand, and then knows how to communicate what they learned. This must be natural and not because anyone told them to do it.

Voice: In addition to the above, the evangelist must also have a strong voice -  passion for educating the masses, to help people get over their hurdles, and desire to show them new technology.


Technology: The evangelist must have a very deep understanding of CI/CD and the K8s ecosystem.




  • Be a social media presence - blog often, develop a following, becomes an industry icon


    • Interact and help Jenkins X OSS users in the various online community (Slack, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Twitter)


  • Monitor topic trends and reply to topics in a timely fashion
  • Keep up to date with competition and the dev market - Try competitive products
  • Participate in public discussions, respond to questions and challenges


    • Present at webinars, events, meetups
    • Hold workshops with customers and potential customers


  • Create video tutorials
  • Help marketing to be more developer oriented in message, tone and design
  • Help dealing with influencers



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