Technical Product Analyst

Utilizes programming and internal tools to re-engineer inefficient processes with the goal of improving system automation, speed, accuracy, and operational workflow. 

May provide consultation to internal/external users, teams, decision makers.

Can leverage systems and technologies including:

  • Data Normalization Tools – Curator, Prometheus, etc.
  • Data Transmission Tools – Phoebe, SQL
  • Data Reporting Tools – SQL, Data Layer, Statements, Taskmaster
  • Data Processing Tools – VBA, Python, UI Path


Job Description

Functional Knowledge and Contribution

  • Learns to use professional concepts and available resources. ie: Clearwater Way, Outlook, Clearwater network, etc
  • Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues.
  • Performance is measured by quantity and quality of work.
  • A moderately experienced professional with a full understanding of an area of specialization in data sets; resolving a wide range of issues in creative ways.
  • Has a basic understanding of time value of money and other foundational concepts, or at least general business knowledge/coursework.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and spearheads solutions within role/team. Can demonstrate measurable process/automation improvements quarter over quarter.


  • They add value through quick, accurate, and thorough responses to inquiries and addressing errors. Acknowledgement of inquiries should come within an hour.

Technical Skills

  • Beginner level SQL – runs pre-built queries, general understanding of SQL fundamentals (modify selects and where clauses)
  • Intermediate level Scripting – Ability to generate organic code (loops, custom functions, string manipulation)
  • General Intermediate Technical Skills in other software applications.

Asset Classes

  • Can understand and explain the difference between a bond and a stock and expresses a basic understanding of the security types most commonly held by the clients they are assigned.


  • Normally follows established procedures on routine work, requires instructions on new issues.
  • Learns from mistakes – does not make the same mistake twice.

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