The Financial Product Analyst monitors and maintains Clearwater’s data set including client specific data and system wide data sets.  An understanding of security master and reference data, asset classes, corporate actions, cash flows, analytics, pricing, amortization, performance, NAIC reporting and others are important to execute the responsibilities.

Reconciliations of data, data entry, document and data normalization and interpretation are all tasks that would be expected in this role.


  • Ensure timely delivery of accurate investment information, including accounting, analytic, and compliance reports
  • Validates investment data against available market data provided by third party sources.
  • Manage internal and external inquiries & requests
  • Work with development and product teams to continually iterate and improve tools and processes
  • Work with data engineers to automate processes
  • Responds quickly, accurately and thoroughly to internal and external inquiries
  • Perform quality assessments on data elements
  • Leverages manual and automated processes and procedures to validate data accuracy


Job Description

Functional Knowledge and Contribution

  • Learns to use professional concepts and available resources ie: Clearwater Way, Outlook, Clearwater network, etc.
  • Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues.
  • Developing professional expertise, applies company policies and procedures to resolve a variety of issues.
  • Expectation of employees at this level is to learn as much as possible as work is guided by process documentation and queues. 


  • Adds value through quick, accurate, and thorough responses to inquiries and addressing data inaccuracies.  Acknowledgement of inquiries should come within an hour.

Technical Skills

  • Beginner Technical Skills in Excel (basic formulas and formatting) and SQL (can use stored procedures and read and write basic SELECT/FROM/WHERE queries but needs assistance locating appropriate tables and using JOINs).

Data Feeds/Flows

  • Basic understanding of the data intake, normalization, reconciliation, and reporting workflow, and related Cert concepts.


  • Capably reconciles structured and vanilla securities, Triparty Reconciliation accounts. Scope of recon is addressing errors in Perseus.

Asset Classes

  • Basic understanding of vanilla fixed income and equity investments--what they are, why they are used, and how they work in CW.


  • Normally follows established procedures on routine work, requires instructions only on new issues.
  • Operates with regular assistance from team members.

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