Claritas Rx

Claritas Rx is a digital health venture that brings clarity to the challenges of specialty biopharmaceutical products in the marketplace. In today’s highly complex specialty networks, our mission is to illuminate the patient experience beyond the clinical trial. Claritas Rx leverages a proprietary technology platform and deep manufacturer expertise to automate and integrate channel, commercial, and clinical data and help biopharmaceutical companies generate actionable business insights. Our work uncovers the real-world variables impacting patient access, duration of therapy, and other metrics key to commercial success, making a real impact on patient healthcare.

We are seeking to add new expertise and perspective to our strong team of experienced professionals.  We aspire to a culture of accelerated professional development through: shared learning and collaboration; a respectful and fun work environment; and employee empowerment through the effective use of technology and tools. 

Current Job Openings


Senior Data Science Analyst
South San Francisco, CA

Customer Success

Director of Customer Success
South San Francisco, CA
Senior Solutions Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
Solutions Manager
South San Francisco, CA


Senior Software Engineer
South San Francisco, CA
Software Developer
Lexington, KY


Business Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
Director of Business Development
South San Francisco, CA