Blockchain Engineer

About Chronicled
Based in the innovation hub of Silicon Valley, Chronicled is a technology company leveraging blockchain and IoT to power smart and secure supply chain solutions. Chronicled offers a Blockchain-based Smart Supply Chain Platform and secures IoT device identities, data, and event logs and automates IoT-dependent business logic using smart contracts. Chronicled is also a founding member of the Trusted IoT Alliance, with the mission of creating open source tools and standards to connect IoT and blockchain ecosystems to deliver business value.
We're building cutting-edge solutions using latest technological achievements and proprietary advancements at intersection of Internet of Things and Blockchain, employing best open-source practices. We’re looking for talented engineers, who can come up with elegant software architectures and execute on them with high degree of craftsmanship.
We value our culture and foster a non-political, inclusive environment where integrity, technical precision, passion, innovation, and curiosity pave the way for collaborative building. Above all, we believe in authenticity: authenticity of work, of ideas, of character, of data, of products.
If this sounds like you, read on:

Blockchain Engineer


Design and develop blockchain-based solutions to underpin company’s enterprise platform; identify/evaluate emerging blockchain technologies; establish center of excellence regarding cryptography within company; design and implement cryptographic protocols; build backends in NodeJS and JavaScript; design hardware/software for IoT devices; design/implement SQL databases; secure network communication with SSL and TSL protocols; develop Smart Contracts using Solidity language and Truffle framework; define/implement blockchain solutions to support company's blockchain strategies;  deploy and maintain Ethereum blockchain clients; implement cryptographic algorithms and protocols (PKI, AES, RSA, ECC) in accordance with NIST standards; customize Ethereum software; analyze consensus algorithms (EVM throughput); build interfaces to connect blockchain systems to external providers; identify relevant emerging technologies; engage with customer/partners; represent company publicly; implement open source software, APIs, and SKDs for third-party developers; and evangelize company's blockchain products.


Job Requirements:   

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, plus coursework, internships, or experience to include building backends in NodeJS and JavaScript; designing hardware/software for IoT devices; securing network communication with SSL and TSL protocols; and implementing cryptographic algorithms and protocols (PKI, AES, RSA, ECC) in accordance with NIST standards.

We will provide you:
  • The opportunity to build a company with the founding team
  • Generous equity – you will have a stake in the future success of Chronicled
  • An awesome office to work in right next to Mission St. in San Francisco
  • Flexible time off
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Daily-catered lunch
  • Fitness center membership to Bay Club

Don't meet all the requirements but still interested? Send in your information anyway! Above all, we hire people - not paper.


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