Who we are

If you are looking to have an impact on the world, then read carefully because at Choco, we are moving mountains to transition the world’s food systems to become more sustainable. The food industry is an industry with essential problems, especially in food-supply-chain. We leverage technology to build the digital platform on which the global food trade will operate. We have the potential to reduce food prices, decrease food waste by 30%.

In 2018 we entered the market with our chat-based ordering app and had drastically changed the way businesses work and order with their suppliers. Our founders have helped build companies such as Zalando (IPO’d), Lazada (sold to Alibaba) and Foodora (sold to DeliveryHero). We recently raised one of the largest Series A funding rounds in European history. 

Technology is at the core of our work. We are product-minded builders, architects, coders, bug-hunters and designers. We deliver the needed change via our mobile and web apps using cutting-edge tools, modern engineering practices and always keeping software quality on our radar. Of course, it’s not only about working with top-notch tools but keep hiring excellent engineers too.

Join us in leading the world’s transition to sustainable food systems.

What you will do

Here at Choco, we like to use the space shuttle as a metaphor for our engineering work. Now, you will join and help us bring the shuttle to the moon. Your mission will be to significantly enhance our product and operations with smart features such as lead scoring, demand forecasting, product recommendations and others that you may initiate. You will do this by understanding our business first, discover potential data products, apply complex data science models, develop prototypes and put the models into production. You will initiate and drive a range of projects that will directly generate value to our users and to our business. On a daily level you will:

  • Build ML models to solve complex, challenging business problems (pricing, forecasting, client analytics, NLP, CV, etc.)

  • Establish standard methodologies for data science including modeling, coding, analytics, optimization, and experimentation

  • Be part of or drive cross-functional initiatives at the intersections of sales operations, data engineering, business intelligence and product development. 

  • Put machine learning models and services to production.

  • Automate the usage, training, validation of machine learning models

Our tech stack in Data:

We have a cutting-edge environment and use AWS, Firehose, Athena, Airflow, Redshift. Data engineering is done primarily with Python, SQL and Spark. Data Science uses the standard ML libraries and tools. Product analytics works with Segment and Amplitude. We create visualizations in Looker.

What you will need to have an impact with us

  • 4+ years of industry Data Scientist experience outside of academic or internship setting.

  • Experience in initiating and building robust, complex, end-to-end DS solutions 

  • Advanced coding skills in Python

  • Solid math skills and ML (Jupyter, NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, XGBoost, etc.. ), experience in working with time-series data, Linear and logistic regression, Decision tree classification and regression, Clustering,  Bagging, boosting, and other non-parametric methods

  • The attitude of an expert product builder combined with humbleness to get your hands dirty with cleaning data sets.

  • Fluent English and communication skills, you can share your ideas clearly and efficiently even with a less data-savvy audience

  • Software Engineering, Computer Science, Maths, Statistics degree or similar, equivalent educational background

You will impress us even more if you have

  • Experience in the food industry, inventory management, sales optimisation, price prediction or demand forecasting.

  • Kaggle portfolio 

  • AWS experience

  • Experience in Deep Learning, CV (PyTorch/Keras/TensorFlow), NLP

  • Experience with AutoML platforms

  • Experience in GNN

What it’s like to be a Chocorian

You will join a company filled with smart, humble and hard-working people. With founders who deeply trust their employees and where the employees trust and believe in their founders even more.

A start-up where people put the team first, take ownership and truly understand what they are working for day by day. 

You will join a group of people from all around the world who share their experiences and contribute in their areas of expertise and learn from each other. 

You will join a passionate team that shares the same values and vision, a circle of friends that not only works hard but also laughs with- and cheers for each other.

With that said, it is absolutely crucial to find people who share this with us and who deeply identify themselves with the values of a Chocorian.

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