About Chefman & CHEF iQ 

Chefman is one of North America’s leading brands of small kitchen appliances. We are on a mission to exceed expectations with our commitment to building best-in-class products to cook the food we all love. We are hard at work to realize our vision of crafting the world’s most desired kitchen appliances. 

In 2020, we launched the CHEF iQ brand, an ecosystem of connected kitchen appliances. Our mission for CHEF iQ is to enable the world to express their inner chef by making the kitchen experience seamless and transforming how the world connects through food. With our connected appliances and guided cooking intuitive experience, we are seeking to redefine cooking as we know it, making great food effortless in an immersive digital experience.   

Job Description 
At Chefman & CHEF iQ, we understand that the only way to realize our ambitious visions to craft the most desired kitchen appliance products and to redefine the art of cooking is by assembling extremely high caliber talent to join our existing talent teams. Our people – and by extension, our Talent Acquisition Team – is the cornerstone upon which the growth and success of our entire organization restsThe impact and importance of this role is therefore key to the success of the entire organization as a whole. 
We are seeking an experienced Talent Acquisition Coordinator who will support us in our efforts to ensure that our company attracts and hires employees of the highest caliber that are a fit with our company culture and who fulfill our talent requirements. In addition, this role will require strong marketing skills to build and maintain a proper brand image.  

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Scrupulously educate, study, and understand the job description and nuance of each available position as well as the ideal talent, experience and skill set necessary to fulfill the necessary open roles 
  • Utilize multiple online recruiting and networking platforms and tools to publicize, promote and attract relevant candidates 
  • Engage and respond to potential applicants to maintain interest and momentum 
  • Review candidates' resumes to carefully assess relevance to open position requirements 
  • Actively network and reach out to source relevant candidates 
  • Conduct prescreening interviews to further gauge candidates' competencies 
  • As the first point of contact for future employees, reflect and provide ultimate first impression of company mission and culture 
  • Capably convey relevant general organization information, procedures, benefits as well as conveying potential opportunities for each respective open role  
  • Capably convey relevant specific opportunity information, job requirements and nuance for each open role 
  • Diligently respond and reply to applicants and share relevant candidates with proper leadership channels 
  • Actively network and maintain rapport with current and future potential candidates 
  • Coordinate, schedule and arrange further interviews and assessments of promising candidates with relevant management and leadership team members  
  • Follow up and recap all interviewing and vetting activities for a full understanding of all candidates’ applicability to relevant open roles  

Additional Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Leading initiatives to define company culture 
  • Leading efforts to author and maintain an appropriate, informative, and engaging Employee Handbook that effectively conveys the company history and culture 
  • Create videos and images of geared towards informing and attracting highly competent talent 
  • Regularly posting relevant content to Company's Linked In, Glassdoor, and other recruitment platforms 
  • Other efforts geared towards building Company Employer Branding 

Required Skills 

  • Deep understanding of individuals and their character traits 
  • Ability to deeply connect with company culture, character and work ethic and to further foster that environment with strategic hires and communicate that across multiple channels 
  • Passionate individual capable of appropriately and enthusiastically representing the company and its mission 
  • Superior networking and relationship skills  
  • Diligent, thorough and persistent nature to relentlessly pursue relevant leads and follow through on candidate coordination 
  • Strong Marketing skills and acumen 
  • Strong social media skills to engage followers of brand 
  • Good abilities and understanding of what goes in to creating quality photos and videos 
  • Ability to have clear big-picture thinking and able to simultaneously focus on future recruitment needs while working on present needs 
  • Ability to think creatively and out-of-the-box 
  • Outstanding follow-up diligence 
  • Excellent oral and written communication  
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Personable and approachable demeanor 
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet target goals 
  • Superior organizational and administrative skills 
  • Good computer and internet search skills 
  • Professional and respectable demeanor and conduct 

Required Experience 

  • Proven success in coordinating talent acquisition processes for competent companies or agencies  
  • Demonstrated experience supporting Hiring Managers to understand and fill needs 
  • Minimum 1-2 years of Branding or Marketing Experience 


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