Current Job Openings at Charles River Associates

Antitrust & Competition Economics

Intern (2023 Start)
Brussels, Belgium
Senior Associate/Associate Principal
Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; (San Francisco Bay Area), Washington, DC

Auctions & Competitive Bidding


Strategy and M&A Consultant
Boston, MA; New York, NY; Washington, DC

Financial Administration

Revenue Analyst
Boston, MA

Financial Economics

Forensic Services

Intellectual Property

Senior Associate/Associate Principal
Chicago, IL; New York City, New York

Life Sciences

Senior Associate- Advanced Analytics
New York, NY and Summit, NJ
Senior Associate/Associate Principal
Boston, MA; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC


*Cyber and Forensic Technology Consultant Intern - Analyst/Associate Intern (Summer 2023)
Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; Toronto, ON; Washington, D.C.
Executive Assistant
Chicago, IL
Senior Associate - PhD or ABD (2023 Start)
Multiple locations (please see hiring practices below)

Office Services

Executive Assistant
Boston, MA

Risk, Investigations & Analytics