is searching for Product Designers & Senior Product Designers to build simple, yet delightful features by gaining a deep understanding of our users and leveraging that knowledge to shape a strategy that revolves around their needs.
We’re a social impact business (a public benefit company), and the largest tech platform focused on civic action in the world with 50m monthly users, 50,000 campaigns launched on the site every month, hundreds of millions of signatures per year, 200 staff members, and a new revenue model that has grown by 500% in 2 years. We are profitable, growing fast, and executing on a plan to deepen and scale the social movements on our platform, from strengthening hate crime legislation in South Africa, to bringing down the price of insulin across the United States, to fighting corruption in Indonesia, Italy, and Brazil. We are seeing surging levels of activity right now as the world mobilizes to fight the Coronavirus and the cascading impacts of the Coronavirus on society's most vulnerable.
We are looking for Product Designers & Senior Product Designers who are great at shaping product strategy in a positive way, creating simple & delightful design solutions, communicating & collaborating with stakeholders, and conducting user research + designers who will have a passion for expanding our platform to mobilize hundreds of millions of people to take deeper civic action.
You will be a key member of our Product team and report to our UX Director. You will shape strategy & design features to inspire more people to start petitions, sign more petitions, and help more campaigns win.
Key Outcomes:

- Conduct user research studies and help your team understand who their users are, their needs, and their desires. 
- Collaborate with your product manager and lead engineer to shape the team’s strategy based on user insights. 
- Create high-quality design solutions that deliver user and business value. 

The most important skills and capabilities for the role are:

STRATEGIC IMPACT: You understand user and business needs and balance the two effectively. You build an understanding of users through user research and you advocate for feature ideas that align with user needs. 

DESIGN CRAFT: You create interaction design flows that clearly map to user needs. Your designs are simple, predictable, and intuitive. You create layouts that make good use of negative space, have a strong hierarchy of elements, are simple yet delightful, and are in line with the application’s overall style guide. 

COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION: You excel at communicating your design work and you create presentations that are straightforward and easy to digest. You consistently communicate your process and timeline to stakeholders. You identify blockers and you take the lead in resolving them.

USER RESEARCH: You have experience interviewing users and reducing bias. You have experience synthesizing research data and communicating research effectively. 

Target Experience:

We are open to a variety of experience levels and understand that years of experience are not the only indicator of skills and capabilities.

- Our Product Designers often have 4-6 years of experience as an end-to-end product designer 
- Our Senior Product Designers often have 6+ years of experience as an end-to-end product designer

Interested? Great! Here's what you should know:
This is a full time role, and while we are actively recruiting designers in Victoria, we are also open to folks in Seattle and San Francisco. Our team is high impact, low ego, and has an amazing culture to be part of.
Our compensation philosophy is rooted in pay equity and transparency. is a global company, and salaries are adjusted for cost of labor in each city. The salary for a Product Designer (Level 4) in Victoria is CAD $109,000 and the salary for a Senior Product Designer (Level 5) is CAD $127,500.

We anticipate moving very quickly and our evaluation process is as follows: 
- Interview with our recruiter (45 minutes)
- Interview with our UX Director (1 hour)
- Virtual on-site interviews consisting of: portfolio presentation (1 hour) + interview with product managers (1 hour) + collaborative design exercise with a designer (1 hour)
We especially encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply. We’re actively working to increase the diversity of experience and perspectives on our team and are looking for someone who can help continue to lead that process. is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. Everyone says this, right? Well, we mean it - we invest in serious programs to bring in and support women and people of color, we have in-person onboarding experiences and affinity groups to help everyone feel included, we regularly celebrate the heritage of all staff, and we believe strongly in consistent, fair, and transparent salary scales to help level the playing field. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, or disability or veteran status.

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