CENTRL seeks language experts to support a project to develop foreign language proficiency test items.

The Work

Content Selectors will

  • Find authentic text and audio passages in the language.
  • Create a fully annotated English language rendering of the passage.
  • Transcribe the passage (audio passages only).
  • Complete a web form describing certain features of the passage.

Content Reviewers will

  • Verify the accuracy and authenticity of passages submitted by other content selectors.
  • Verify the accuracy of each passage rendering and transcription making corrections as needed.
  • Verify the accuracy and appropriateness of test questions developed for each passage, making suggestions as needed.

Minimum Requirements

Must be able to demonstrate language fluency experience through one of the following:

  • diploma or degree earned from educational institution in a country where the language is spoken, or
  • professional experience in a country where the language is spoken.

Must be able to demonstrate English Language professional level fluency through one of the following:

  • diploma or degree earned from educational institution in English speaking country,
  • professional experience in English speaking country, or
  • proficiency test scores demonstrating proficiency.

More Information

  • Target Language Experts will work as independent contractor (not an employee per se), meaning you can/will perform all tasks on your computer, at your preferred location and on your own timeline, provided you meet our project deadlines.

  • US citizenship or residency is NOT required for this assignment. However, we are not able to consider individuals residing in the US on employment restricted visas (i.e. international students, H1-B visa holders).

  • Anyone currently working for the Defense Language Institute or another organization (government or private) that is engaged in preparing US military members/government personnel for the DLPT is not eligible to work on this project.

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