About Centricity

Centricity is an AI & Machine Learning company bringing actionable, customer centric insights to today’s modern retailer & CPG companies. We harness billions of customer data points for insights that lead to strategic purchase decisions. In a disrupted retail landscape, our automated data and trend spotting keeps you ahead of the curve. Modern retailing demands modern tools, and Centricity is built for that exact purpose.

Currently, we are expecting to be largely human-powered, with our first NLP product delivered by the end of the year. We need to train that product and serve results to our Clients in an efficient, visually appealing manner. Our annotation tool needs to be as highly optimized as possible to maximize throughput and minimize cost per URL while preserving accuracy and preventing systemic bias. Our Client UI needs to be intuitive to first-time users, and highly functional for expert users.

About the Role

As an engineer at Centricity Insight you will build services powering our highly interactive web applications. We are developing a B2B Software as a Service product. This product will empower our customers to make more informed buying decisions based on our user intent data.  We are also developing a full stack annotation tool to train an NLP engine. 

Our current stack consists of a Chrome Extension, React App, AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito Django, and Postgres. We're looking for engineers of all experience levels to join our team in Lagos and augment our development process.

Ideal Candidates

  • Excellent communication and proficiency in English.
  • Strong understanding of, and practical experience with, web application development.
  • Ability to drive technical excellence, pushing innovation and quality
  • Strong grasp of Python or Javascript
  • Previous experience with AWS
  • Experience with git based version control
  • Practice disciplined software engineering (e.g. automated testing, code reviews, and writing readable code).
  • A strong understanding of, and practical experience with, web application development.
  • A solid foundation in computer science, with competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design practices.
  • A sincere commitment to crafting readable and dependable code.
  • A  strong desire and commitment to learning.

Job Specifics

  • Must be able to report to our office located in Lagos
  • Competitive salary pay
  • Mandatory office hours between 10a-12p ET, otherwise flexible


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